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    March 6, 2019
    Healing the "Whole" Person What is "Wholeistic" (AKA Holeistic) Medicine? It is taking self responsibility for your own health and wellness by looking into the WHOLE picture as per the quantum physics view (which is used in Eastern and Ancient Native Medicines) on the Human body.. Which...
    February 27, 2019
    The Missing Link to Human Evolution For millions of years, HUmans have been evolving and growing and learning slowly about their race, environment, planet, bodies, and how it all works and why we are here.... Ancient civilizations seemed to know how the Universe worked and how to exit the ...
    Whole Healing with Becky Jo Radio Show (Episode 6)
    Shadows Change and transformation of the Human condition is needed on the planet and guess who is being called to transform?   You Dear one........ Are you ready to change yourself? Are you ready to truly go very deep within your being and visit the places that you have locked shut and held...
    The 5 myths of Healing
    This week's show we talked about the ways you can stop your "monky mind" and align with a higher light within using techniques from the Ancient Essene's and Natives
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