• What is Wholeistic Healing?

    Wholeistic Healing is LOVE..... Our hand made products are made with LOVE..... Our services are always filled with LOVE.....WE LOVE

    Our Products

    Wholeistic Healing is all about completely healing you on the inside and out. Our products are infused with LOVE and the Most Divine energy to bring complete and "Whole" healing to you!

    Our Materials

    All materials used are either grown Organically (and personally) by me; or sourced from only the highest quality suppliers. Always fresh, full of properties and energy... and MADE WITH LOVE!

    Our "Love It!" Guarantee

    I back my products with the guarantee that if you do not love them, I will take care of it! I promise to only send you the best of the best of what I make...ALWAYS!

    Who Do I think I am?

    I am a Certified Master Herbalist, Certified Master Aromatherapist, Transformational Shaman, REIKI Master, Reverend, Light Worker (Friend of the light), Certified Fairyologist, Angel channel, Medical Medium and Earth Angel!

    My Journey has been amazing and I want to pass on the healing to you that I have received in my life. I have been put on this Earth to heal and spread joy and healing to others. It is my life's purpose to heal You completely (Mind, Body, and Soul). If you have reached this page and are reading this it is no coincidence... I promise you!

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