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Chakra Talk


I talk about "Chakras" all the time......

Some of you go "oh ok Becky, that's nice" and others go "Wow, really?" and then some others already know and understand and say "Yep"....

There is a lot of conflicting information all over our wonderful internet... some facts, some opinions, an some Chakra systems that were completely made up by our "Western" world, which have nothing to do with the original Sanskrit or "Yogi" versions that were written and documented as early as 1500 bc.

Lots of people arguing on what is right, who is right; people saying that our "Western" way of healing chakras is completely wrong.

Some say that the chakra systems were only meant to pull in mantra energies or deities. Some think that they were meant to balance the karmas.

As far as I am concerned, I am all about expanding my horizens and learning about all ways of healing (I always have with herbal medicine too I have learned many different systems and use them all).

So the chakra systems are no different to me and the one thing all of the systems have in common (with the exception of just 1 and that is the 5 chakra system)... they all have the 7 main chakras!

It is all about intention folks! And it doesn't matter whether you say the crown chakra is used for making money grow on trees... if you believe it in your heart and set your intention.... well!!

SO please follow the Chakra system (or systems) that resonate with YOU...

If you are using the traditional chakra system which we tend to teach here in the beautiful U S of A.... and you can feel the energies healing in yourself or your client.. then STICK WITH IT!


Have a wonderful WEDNESDAY!!!


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