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Wednesday Wheels of light...chakra talk..........

The Divine Energy of the 3rd eye Chakra

WEDNESDAY WHEELS OF LIGHT (Chakra Talk) PRESENTS - The Divine Energy of the 3rd eye Chakra (connecting to the truth of your existence and unblocking that 3rd eye)

Hello there Lovelies!!!

I am in such a great energy of Gratitude today that I want to say THANK YOU for reading my posts and following my guidance.

It means the whole world to me that others have found my light and can feel my genuine unconditional love for truth of existence!

For one reason or another, you have been lead to my page... and your choice to continue to follow me is just magical!!!


I am calling in any and all people who need positive love and light in their lives... please pass this page on to all who you think will benefit!

Ok... so down to the business of today...

The beautiful wonderful indigo energy of the all mighty 3rd eye chakra!!!

As humans, I highly doubt that we can even comprehend all of the magic and glory that this energy vortex has to offer us....on our paths of enlightenment...

We still lack a complete understanding of this chakra, but that doesn't stop most of us from speculating!

Connected Directly to our "Pineal Glands", this magical little vortex is our sixth sense...

When is comes to the "Pineal Gland", we must understand that by ignoring and not embracing it's gifts it has to bring us, we can be calling in sickness and Dis-Ease.

Located in nearly the direct center of the brain, the tiny pinecone-shaped pineal gland, which habitually secretes the wondrous neuro-hormone melatonin while we sleep at night, was once thought to be a vestigial leftover from a lower evolutionary state.

Indeed, according to recent research, we could be increasing our chances of contracting chronic illnesses like cancer by unnecessarily bathing its evenings in artificial light, working night shifts or staying up too late.

By disrupting the pineal gland and melatonin's chrono-biological connection to Earth's rotational 24-hour light and dark cycle, known as its circadian rhythm, we're possibly opening the doors not to perception, but to disease and disorder.

A recently published study from Vanderbilt University has found associations between circadian disruption and heart disease, diabetes and obesity.


When we eat foods, herbs, and plants that enhance the pineal gland, it then helps the energy vortex of the 3rd eye open to new levels...

What should we do to keep the pineal gland healthy?

Bananas, honey, Watermelon, Coconut Oil, noni Juice, and Raw Lemon juice are great foods packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. ...

Also...Apple CIder Vinegar, and beets (or beet juice) are some really great places to start!

Chlorella, spirulina,(Chlorophyll enhanced greens and seaweeds), wheatgrass, Oregano (and Oregano oil in a chemical free supplement), Boron (ionic Mineral supplement), Melatonin, Raw CaoCao, cilantro, Goji Berries, Hemp Seeds, Chaga Mushroom, and Garlic are amazing and healing for the Pineal gland....

Iodine is another great supplement to help de-calcify the Pineal we all know, Fluoride from your tap water settles into the pineal gland.

Essential Oils that enhance the pineal gland/3rd eye:

Certain essential oils are thought to stimulate and awaken the pineal gland and encourage heightened spiritual awareness and deeper states of meditation.

These include sandalwood, frankincense, lavender, pine, and davana oil just to name a few of my personal favorites that I use with great success......

These are all things that physically we can do to open that 3rd eye chakra and connect to our "Higher selves" more directly...

However, there are emotional things that block the 3rd eye as well as spiritual things...

what are some emotional things that block the 3rd eye and your spiritual connections to your inner truths you ask?


There are 2 ways that emotions can cause a blockage...

1) things you are doing to yourself
2) things others are doing to you

You can cause a blockage to your sixth sense by letting fear, anxiety or disbelief take over you.

Are you scared of seeing ghosts or scary images? Fear of unknown.

blockage can be also because of past life karmic influence, past lives tragic death or lack of spiritual lifestyle in past lives.

Are you doubting whether you possess a third eye or not? Do you believe it is real?

Because you better believe... that Disbelief can also be a cause to block the sixth sense.

If these are the reasons why you cannot open your third eye, you have to learn to let go and release these negative emotions. They are only blocking you from a spiritual journey that will significantly improve your life.

but also....

Believe it or not other people can be blocking your 3rd eye chakra as well.... without you even knowing it...

If you have a skeptic friend or relative with a strong disbelief in your spiritual life or taking away your self respect, this may cause a temporary or even a permanent emotional blockage to your intuitive senses.

This is a more complex cause to deal with as it is hard to sway a person’s belief or self respect.

The best option is to create a harmonious relationship with this other person; one that stands on the foundation of respect of each other’s beliefs.

Practice a Healthy spiritual and meditative lifestyle, so that your beliefs are so solid and set in stone that your faith is UNSHAKABLE...

do you HeAR ME?

UNSHAKABLE BELIEFS in connecting with the divine...


and anyone who doesn't honor your path or your beliefs...


Welp....... they need to take a hike in your life..PERIOD!


you can love them from afar, but if they are lowering your vibration or creating a disconnect from your spiritual truth... they are hindering your soul's mission! thus creating a complete array of negative thinking patterns which will directly affect ALL areas of your existence.. I promise you!


If you have read this and had a little AHH-HAAA moment like Oprah...


And now feel like you have finally identified the emotional cause of your 3rd eye blockage, it is now time to work on unblocking your third eye.


Understanding how energy flows through your physical eyes and third eye will enable you to successfully gain control of your sixth sense.


A blocked third eye receives no form of energy; hence, to unblock it, you need to divert energy from other sources to your third eye.


Because of their proximity to the sixth sense, the best source of energy are your two physical eyes. To redirect energy to the third eye, you must first allow your physical eyes to become unseeing.


How do you do this?


Just close your eyes and focus your eye on your forehead exactly where the two eyes meet. With Close eyes, focus there for few seconds, initially and then maybe a minute or more latter, channeling your energy to your forehead where your sixth sense is located.


As you focus on that part between your two eyes with eyes closed, allow your two physical eyes to stop moving. If they are static, they require no energy to function thus allowing the energy to flow to the next nearest location, your third eye.


This may seem silly.. but it works!!! (if you believe in the magic of the 3rd eye chakra)....

You may not be successful in unblocking your third eye on the first time but with constant practice, you will finally be able to pass some energy to your sixth sense.


Once you open the doors of your 3rd eye and you are in complete harmony with how much you are loved and supported by God and Universe (Mother Earth too!)) you open up doors to things you would have never thought were possible before!


You will see, smell, hear, taste, and feel so much unconditional love from not only your true and higher self... but from the realms of all that is!


It will open you up to the existence of living in unity with your mind, body, and soul......BALANCE!


If you need help with balancing or un-blocking that 3rd eye.. know that I am always right here to help and guide you on your journeys....


I hope this will resonate with you and I also hope you have the best day of your life today!!!


Sending you love, blessings, abundance peace, and the eternal energy of the 3rd eye chakra!!!


~Becky Jo~


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