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The Truth about Archangels......

Who are they and how are they helping Humanity right now?

Are Archangels Real?

I have put off this Article for quite some time, because since the beginning of my awakening I have had so much information thrown at me that just didn't feel correct and according to my own experiences, I seem to have a little bit different dealings with Archangels then some.


But it is time to write it now, because many are asking me "Are Archangels Real?" and "I heard that Archangels are dark entities?"



I do know that everyone is Vibrating that a different frequency and with that said, our perception of things in the Human Ego brain can change depending on our experiences.

So as you are out there in the internet world reading and watching videos and trying to enlighten yourself...

PLEASE........ follow what feels true to your heart and soul


For your highest evolution and the highest path of your divinity... please know that YES Archangels are REAL!

BUT...... not everyone out there portraying them and what and who they are is real!

I know I am taking a huge risk by saying that publicly because not all will agree with me here...

But this is MY TRUTH from MY experiences........ it might not be in alignment to what you have seen, heard, felt, and learned.

If it is not, then I kindly ask you to please just ignore my writing and recognize that we may be on different paths and peacefully with love...... walk away (As I do when I read something that doesn't resonate with me).

Who and what are Angels?

Angels are most well-known as messengers of God.

In fact, the word angel comes from the Greek word angelos, which means messenger.

In the stories of many religions, angels bring God’s word to humans, acting as intermediaries between the heavenly and earthly realms, and angels still serve this role today. But angels are so much more than just messengers!

Angels are also guardians, record-keepers, guidance counselors, muses, best friends, teachers, and in dire circumstances, emergency respondents.

Angels love you unconditionally—no matter what you do, your angels will still support and stand by you. They’re like family, only better because there is no judgment!

But best of all, angels are natural healers and can help you heal anything from a headache to a broken heart to a blocked chakra. All you have to do is ask for their healing touch, because every single angel is an angel of energy healing.

Really feel into your energy field and remember the times in your life when you received a message of love and healing from an angel.

It might have been a special sign from a loved one that’s no longer on this plane, a healing phone call from a long-lost friend or a comforting hug when you most needed it. Messages take all shapes and forms, but an angel is always there.


GUys..... now I know for certain that there is SO MUCH information out there and that when we "Awaken", we are excited to learn EVERYTHING!

However, in order to truly step into your highest life's purpose and path, you must truly weed out what isn't truth.

Some of the groups on Facebook and all over the net are made purposely by dark entities who are portraying that they are "of the light". (Im not lying!)


Or there are groups where the "Admins" are dark or ego based and are NOT on the same mission as you if you are trying to help Earth transcend into LOVE.....

SO in these groups, they will talk a lot about how Archangels are dark entities that want to lead you to your demise and how Archangel Michael is an asshole when they connect with him and that Gabriel isnt much better.....

Have you heard this before?

This may very well truly be someone else's experience that they have had from their perception...


In my experience.......

Archangels have NO EGO!~ They are Light Warriors, Messengers, and keepers of light!

Archangels are high vibrational beings.... you MUST be in a higher Vibration to connect with them..... (But they can always connect with you)

So people who are having "Negative" experiences with Angels are NOT connecting with the true essence of God's Archangels..........

If you are not in a high vibration, then raise it before you try to connect........ for your highest and best good. Ask to connect with the "highest and best Version of Archangel Michael (or whichever one you are wanting to connect with)"

When you raise your vibration and tune into your heart and your truth..... and then invoke the Angels.... they have to lower their vibration a tad to connect.... so you meet in the middle and then they raise you up further with their light.

When you are in a place where your vibration is permanently high and you have done your soul work....... you will easily and freely connect and stay connected at all times!

They do not have these human characteristics that people claim that they have.....

The human characteristics are that of the person who is "connecting" with them or "Channeling" them.

We need to be very careful, because there are many (and I do mean MANY) false light workers out there now a days trying to keep this darkness going...

And there are many (and I DO mean MANY)....... Dark Entities in the Universe that portray that they are GOd's ANgels.......

SO OF COURSE..... they want each and every single one of us to FEAR connecting with the Angels... the real Angels.... that God (spirit, great spirit, source) created as a bridge between Heaven and Earth!

SO OF COURSE... they want us to be confused and stay away!

SO the best advice I could ever give you is.. KNOW YOUR TRUTH! FEEL YOUR TRUTH!

If is feels loving and uplifting and peaceful... then is resonates!

If it feels fearful or negative or degrading... then its NOT YOUR TRUTH!

You will tell yourself what is right for you... only YOU know... NOT EVEN ME!

NOONE KNOWS what is best for you... except YOU!

My Unique Experience with Archangels

Since I was a small child, I always knew I was "Among Friends" everywhere I went. I never knew how to explain it, I just "Knew"....

I truly do think that I was "in training" from the day I was born..... it just took me until 2012 when I had my first big awakening to understand that this was my divine team...

and not everyone is like me.... I just thought everyone experienced what I did.

When I was a small child and went to bed at night, I would tuck my stuffed animals all around me in a protective circle in which I would copy the energy that I would feel (its hard to explain...)

As I lay there at night with my stuffed animals around me in a circle, I would feel my "Friends" come in and stand around me; around my bed.

I would feel so loved, so protected, so peaceful........

and as soon as I felt them come, I could let myself fall asleep, because I was "watched over"/

How did I know I was "Watched over"?

I don't know... I just FELT it.

Some nights I would truly feel "Creeped out" or scared, because I could literally feel "Someone" or "Something" in my room that wasn't my "Friends"....

But as soon as I would call them.... my friends would come instantly and I immediately knew all was well.......

As I grew, there were so many times when I would be going to do something that wasn't nice or something that wasn't peaceful, and I would literally feel or hear a presence around me say "is that nice Rebecca?" or "How would that make YOU feel?"

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times in my life that something horrific should have happened to me and I should have died... but didn't!

I mean it is almost to the point where I don't even tell the stories because they are so unbelievable to the normal Human mind.

I was "Saved" by Angels more times in my life then I think I even remember!

I mean, I may be enlightened now.... but I spent a good majority of my 20s and early 30s NOT living in my highest truth.......

But even at my worst.. they were always there!

I have always been super duper sensitive to chemicals and drugs and alcohol.

and during my darkest days when I would numb up with alcohol or even drugs and my physical body couldn't handle it.......

They saved me SO many times!!!!!! I wanted to leave here at times, but they kept showing me how loved I was and how much I mattered here on Earth (even if I didn't truly believe it at the time, they were what kept me here... they wouldn't let me die!)

But no matter what, no matter how off the path I have ever gotten.... no matter what I did (or didn't do)...... there was always that voice in my head or that feeling of comfort or the flashes of light out of the corner of my eyes when my "Friends" were near!

Even when I ignored them and just didn't care anymore...... they were there... trying to show me a higher path........


and EVERYTHING I had every experienced flashed before my eyes and I knew exactly why I was here and what was going on.....

I knew for certain, without a doubt that my "Friends" were my "Divine Team" of Guides and Angels!

I was on a mission to learn as much as I could and I have come a very long way since then....

I have since channeled the Archangels and I talk to them and connect with them daily....

I have NEVER had a negative experience with ANY of them.....

They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

My clients will tell you how wonderful of helpers they are during sessions......

If you are truly on a path for your highest and best good and truly feel truth in serving others....

If you are in your heart space and truly want what is best for you and everyone around you without question..... even if some people around you aren't there yet.........

If you are a true light worker.... humbled and honored by the glory of God the Father (source, Holy SPirit, Great SPrit, whatever you resonate with)........ ready to help transcend Humanity to a vibration of LOVE.......

If you are listening to the calling of your soul and no matter what, you will always uphold the utmost integrity and choose peace over war, love over hate, and unity and brotherhood of man every single time......

Then you are in a vibration of LOVE.......

When you are vibrating with LOVE for all of existence........

Then you align with your Divinity......

When you are aligned with your divinity.....

Then your team of Guides and Angels will easily and freely guide, lead, protect, and uplift you for your highest and greatest path and purpose according to Divine Will!

You will FEEL and KNOW it when they are connected with will NEVER be creepy or negative.. EVER!

It can be an overwhelming presence..... like this video Where I experienced my whole room light up for the first time. I wanted to share my experience because I was so humbled and honored. I had no clue that Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Metatron were behind me and show themselves around 4 minutes in the upper left..... when I say the word "Faith"



I was tearful because I was overwhelmed with JOY....... I wasn't sad but you should be able to FEEL the energy there when you watch it.


SInce then Angels and Divine Helpers have been showing themselves in a lot of my videos and they also like to show up when I do skype readings.... clients will let me know that there are orbs around me in the background.... lol

How Do Angels Communicate with us?

SO now that I have established with you that these high vibrational beings of light are real and that they only radiate love, peace, joy, and upliftment.........

How do YOU know when they are around you and how do you learn to communicate with them and hear and see what they are trying to show you for your highest and greatest good?


First of all....


Angels exist outside of any one religion or culture, and they exist outside of time and space. They are able to view reality, including our past, present and future as one stream of energy within the present moment, which enables them to offer powerful guidance and enlightening new perspectives.



ANgels are energetic vibrational beings.... so although so many humans think that they will see them standing there with wings in full form....

you need to let go of all expectations....

Because they typically are not going to look, feel, or be anything that you think they will!

Free your mind and just be.... just feel.

Angels, of course, are incredibly powerful spiritual beings, who will do whatever they can to assist you in your life's journey.

But as is the case with all highly evolved light beings in spirit, they will not interfere in your reality without your permission.

It is true that when you invite the guidance, love, wisdom, and healing of the angels into your life, with a simple intention, or by asking for their assistance, they will respond, and they will do everything they can to help you.

But sometimes… At least when it comes to down my personal experience, I've wanted to be able to do more on my part to align with their help and assistance.

I have learned that connecting with angels is best accomplished when I lift my vibration, as they lower theirs down… We meet in the middle so to speak.

When you ask, angels answer… But their help doesn't always come in the way you might expect… And if you're not in vibrational alignment with the angels, or in a state of mindful awareness when they offer a nudge in the right direction or a download of divine guidance… You might not even notice.

I have seen them in form, but not very often......

Usually they will show up as orbs of light around you and I do not care who tells you that "that is dust".... sometimes they do show up as orbs in pictures..... you will feel the truth on that!

Every single Archangel is radiating at a different frequency, depending on his/her mission.

DIfferent frequencies radiate different colors, so if you are seeing alot of a certain color or a certain color is showing up... pay attention, because it is probably an Archangel trying to get your attention!

They like to communicate with us during our car rides... especially when we are by ourselves.... in reflection (ever noticed that I frequently do youtube videos while driving.... thats when they nudge me the hardest).

ALso... while driving.....

Pay attention to the music you keep hearing... if a certain song plays when you are thinking about someone in particular.... know it is truth, your angels are guiding you!

Here are some ways according to Melanie Beckler (who is a great resource for anything Angels) that ANgels will communicate with you.... feel the truth!



The most common ways for angels to directly communicate is through telepathic communication.

Telepathic communication is when you receive information directly in your mind. You may receive a message as a stream of thought alongside your own, as a word or concept spelled out in your mind, or an inner voice. You may also receive mental images or symbols representing what your angels want you to know through telepathic communication.

Telepathic communication most often occurs short bursts of information, when your angels have a specific message to share with you. You may also receive a telepathic confirmation in the form of a yes-no answer, and this form of communication often appears in response to a question or specific situation.

Keep in mind, telepathic communication from angels is usually heard from within your head, not in an external audible way… When it is your angels communicating telepathically the messages will always be loving and helpful, even at times when the guidance offers a warning or a recommendation to change course. Whatever the message, when it is from angels, it will be given with love and light, so any fear or judgement based messages are not from your angels.

Downloads From Spirit

Another common way in which angels communicate is by downloading you with entire concepts, ideas or blocks of thought. The angels use this method of communication when the information being communicated is just too much to be given telepathically with a few words, symbols, or pictures. Downloads of information from the angels will help you to understand illustrate the big picture, and receive large bulks of information or entirely new concepts.

If you do receive information in this way, you will quickly receive a full and complete picture… Downloads from the angels work in a similar way to when you download an entire book or audio course from the internet. All the information is compiled together, you download it all quickly at once, and then there is some sort of process for sorting through it, and uncovering what all you have received.

People who are creative or spiritually advanced will often receive information from the angels in this way so they can get a glimpse of the big picture or concept, and then uncover and fill in all the details of the download for themselves.

Inner Knowing

For many people, angels offer their guidance, and reassurance through a deep sense of inner knowing. If you receive communication from the angels in this way you will just know things.

It’s like a deep feeling of knowing truth. It may be hard to put into words the guidance you receive form the angels in this way,… But that doesn’t make it any less effective or powerful. Inner knowing often comes as a sort of validation, but it can also be used be the angels to relay entire concepts, ideas, or insight into your next steps…

It’s not that you hear, see, or consciously tune into the guidance… But rather it’s like from out of nowhere (from the angels) a deep knowing appears and is felt throughout your entire being, at soul level.

Dreams and Meditation

During times of sleep and meditation your conscious ego mind lets down it’s guard, allowing you to tap into higher consciousness. As a result communication with angels, loved ones and spirit guides becomes possible.

Through dream and meditative communication, you may receive guidance from your angels in a number of ways… All channeled through your subtle psychic senses.

Receiving clear telepathic messages, feeling the love and presence of your angles, seeing imagery, or receiving downloads are all possible within a dream or meditation space.


Angels are incredibly pure and light filled spiritual beings… In addition, sometimes although they are trying to contact you telepathically through your dreams or feelings, you may miss their guidance and messages completely. For this reason, signs are an incredibly common way for angels to communicate.

Angels use all sorts of signs and signals to alert you to their presence. Some common ones are finding feathers, seeing recurring number sequences, noticing flashes of light, hearing music, finding coins and much more! You can learn more about the top signs from angels here.

When you do receive a sign from your angels, the main purpose is to alert you to their presence. When you notice a sign from your angels there is likely an underlying communication as well.


Although you may search the internet far and wide and receive a different answer depending on which website or who's experiences you follow..... remember ONLY YOU know what is true for you!

I will list what my experiences have been and if they feel true and uplifting and in harmony with your highest path of truth.... then go with it!

Archangels that I have worked with (and the color I see their energy as)

The following is a list of the Angels I work with the most. This is only a short list and short version of the list of the things that I know about each of them.... however.... I want you to take what I give you and expand it from there and create your own unique relationship with each of them and the thousands of other angels that I dont list here (simply because there are just too many to list them all....

Gabriel (Copper with White)

 Gabriel is one of two archangels specifically named in the Bible (the other being Michael). Gabriel is the Archangel of communication, new beginnings, and strength. When called upon Gabriel will bring you inspiring divine messages to assist you in finding your highest calling. Gabriel also works closely with authors, teachers, artists, councilors and more! If an idea about how to solve a challenging problem comes to your mind (especially after praying for a solution), it may be a sign that Gabriel is with you.
Archangel Gabriel is the Angel of water and guides and protects the West Direction and when you meditate you can call upon him/her to be at your right side. Call Upon Gabriel when you need clarity about your future. Ask Gabriel to clarify anything you do not understand and by the end of your conversation... you will know exactly what to do!

Metatron (Orange with Pink)

Archangel Metatron is my main Angel.... the Universal Divine record keeper and a powerful spiritual teacher. Often called the “Angel of Life” Metatron offers a link between Heaven and Earth and works around the clock to help those who are ready and willing, align with their highest and best possible path.

Metatron can help you release what no longer serves you, so that you can tap into your inner connection to pure light.

He is working with us right now to help all of Humanity recognize who and what we are outside of physical form. He also helps those who are opening to their psychic and spiritual gifts, and is an excellent ally for anyone wanting to step into their spiritual light and more of their authentic soul power.

Archangel Metatron is the Ascension Angel and guides and protects not only the tree of life, but helps us connect with the Golden Ray of Christ as he radiates at that frequency....

Call upon him to help you connect with all of your own soul light.

Sandalphon (Turquise with Silver)

Archangel Sandalphon is the Archangel of music, poetry and prayer and works closely with musicians. 
He is the keeper and protector of the roots of the tree of life, which is deep within the core of Mother Earth. (Metatron protects the top of the tree in Heaven and both Archangels work together to keep Humans connected to The tree of life, Heaven, and Earth for our highest and best evolution)
Sandalphon receives and delivers prayers to the Divine so they are clearly heard and answered. He radiates at the frequency of the silver ray of light.....
Call on Sandalphon when you need to ground.... he will help you root yourself deeply into the Earth so you can feel how loved and guided you are by Gaia.

Michael (Royal Blue)

Archangel Michael is a powerful Archangel of protection. Michael oversees guardian angels, and he will help you to release lower energies of fear or worry,  so that you can open to experience the incredible love and light of the Angelic Realm, and live a fun, fulfilling and passionate life.  Archangel Michael is one of the easiest Archangels to hear, and also one of the most known.
Archangel Michael leads the angels of protection and is known as the highest of the Archangels. He is usually pictured in male form, though angels are essentially androgynous, carrying a spiritual (sometimes flaming) sword with the most magnificent white or silver wings and an electric blue aura. He is one of a few angels mentioned by name in the Bible and other religious texts, and is also known as St Michael in the Catholic tradition.
He is known as a defender of Christ as well as of humanity, and is one of the most accessible Archangels to work with as he is an extremely powerful angel and able to match his vibration better to ours at will. His presence is huge and he can help great numbers of people simultaneously. He can be called upon for protection, courage, strength, justice and spiritual advancement, or in any scenario when seeking angelic help and unsure quite which Archangel to call upon. He is essentially a spiritual warrior, who sometimes “adopts” those earthside who have the potential to be spiritual warriors incarnate to do some of his work.
Michael vibrates at the frequency of the blue ray........ call upon him when you feel like you need your energy cleared or cleansed. You will feel the fierce protection and withn seconds you will feel your vibration lift.......

Raphael (Green Ray)

Archangel Raphael is the main archangel who oversees healing for living beings on Earth. He is a well know and incredibly powerful angelic being, who is ready, willing and waiting to connect with you directly if you so desire. Through the powerful divine guidance from Archangel Raphael, you can learn to activate and use your bodies innate ability to heal itself.
I work closely with Raphael when I need to do any sort of physical body healing.
I can literally feel him come in and release negative energy from my body....

Ariel (Pink/Magenta)

Archangel Ariel is well known as the “Lioness of God”, as this is the direct translation of the name Ariel, or Arael in Hebrew….But there’s more to Ariel, who is a powerful Archangel of abundance, happiness, and nature. Ariel closely works with animals, and the realms of nature and helps those whose missions are aligned with helping animals and the environment
Call upon Ariel when you need to connect with Nature or the feeling of being in nature. Also call upon her to help your Animal friends in need......

Haniel (Pale Blue and White/Moonstone)

Archangel Haniel is an Archangel of the moon, energy, vitality, and passion for life.

When called upon, Archangel Haniel will cleanse and transmit all worry and lower vibrations back into love with her blue orb of healing light.

Archangel Haniel can also help you to awaken your psychic and spiritual abilities like energy healing, clairvoyance, intuition and inner strength.

 Archangel Orion (yellow/Gold/Blue)

Orion is one of the newer galactic Archangels… He is an incredibly powerful, cosmic, and love filled guide from the Celestial Realms.  Archangel Orion offers powerful help with energy clearing, protection, releasing dark or negative energy (or entities), and on the lighter side he will help you to open to receive and understand the vast beauty, magic and high vibrational frequency present now.  Orion has been given a huge mission from God to teach Humans to SLOW DOWN and see the bigger picture… since he works within the star systems he will sometimes send you inspiration to connect with stars (or synchronicity of stars) as a sign that he is working with you...tune in!  If you find yourself in the hustle and bustle of life moving at a fast past, call upon Archangel Orion and have him show you the bigger picture – what really needs to get done during this time and what you should be focusing on.

Archangel Jophiel(Dark Pink)

Archangel Jophiel can help you quickly shift from a negative to a positive mindset.  She’s also wonderful to call upon to heal misunderstandings with other people.  Jophiel casts a wide net with her ability to bring beauty to your life, including helping with hair, makeup, and wardrobe.  When you ask Jophiel to help you beautify your life, you may feel compelled to start donating or selling unwanted items.  I affectionately and respectfully refer to Jophiel as the “Feng Shui Angel,” after the ancient Asian art of room arrangement.  Jophiel knows how much an organized environment affects our energy levels, mood, sleep patterns, and even health.  Jophiel’s halo color is deep fuchsia, so if you begin to see flashes or sparkles of hot pink light or if you’re suddenly attracted to this color, it’s a sign that this archangel is with you.

Archangel Muriel(Rose)

Archangel Muriel is a powerful and yet gentle Archangel of peace and harmony who oversees emotions, and intuition, with unconditional love and compassion.  Archangel Muriel helps all who call upon her, but is especially connected to those who are empathic, or struggling with emotions. Muriel also assist individuals who are ready to open up intuitively to the next level. Muriel’s name means “God’s perfume.”  Her angelic responsibility includes tending the animals and the plants of earth. She is often depicted with a crown of flowers which she lovingly places in the river of life. When she is around, you may smell the subtle scent of your favorite flower.

Muriel brings messages of peace and harmony, reminding us that every selfless good deed is rewarded exponentially. Muriel’s huge heart will teach you how to love unconditionally.

As you invite Muriel into your life, you become aware of your intuition. If you suddenly find yourself thinking about helping the homeless, follow through.

Muriel teaches us that helping others is the path to true happiness.

If you really want your life to change, volunteer at a homeless shelter, pull a few weeds from a local park, hang a birdfeeder or become a dog walker at an animal shelter.

Reach out to someone else and see what happens to your life. You might just meet your future love or find the job of your dreams as a result of your willing service.

At the same time, Muriel teaches to act with an open heart, without expectation of personal gain. Then and only then will your blessings come back to you multiplied.

Archangel Uriel (Yellow with Red)

Archangel Uriel's name means “the Light of God,” and she is often depicted with an open hand… Holding forward a flame of light that is a gift of illumination for all human souls.  The open hand of Archangel Uriel represents the openness and willingness to receive the love of God and to remain spiritually devoted. Uriel pours light upon the world illuminating humanity and helping us each along the path of enlightenment.
Call upon Uriel when you need to feel that flame of life and when you need to feel your soul illuminated....... see what happens!!!

Archangel Azrael(Creamy White)

Azrael is the “angel of death,” in the most beautiful and healing sense of the word. This is a far cry from the morbid image of a grim reaper stealing people away. Azrael, in contrast, is a grief counselor who lovingly guides souls to Heaven after their crossing. He then consoles the survivors and helps them heal from grief.Islamic theology holds that Azrael carries out God’s will for the souls of the deceased with profound reverence.  Azrael is sometimes confused with the similar-sounding name Azazael, who is considered a demon or fallen angel. Yet their personas, missions, and energies couldn’t be more different. Our Azrael is a pure and trustworthy being of God’s light. Archangel Azrael can also help you to complete a life review now.
Call upon Azrael when you feel there is an Earth bound spirit around you that is draining your energy and not for your highest good and ask him to help them "Go to the light"..... or when a loved one is about to transition so that you can feel how safe they are as he guides them "Home"

Archangel Zadkiel (Deep Indigo Blue/Purple)

Archangel Zadkiel radiates joy, love, forgiveness, freedom and mercy. Zadkiel is connected to the seventh ray, or violet flame, and has such an uplifting vibration simply calling upon Archangel Zadkiel will cleanse and illuminate your vibration..  Archangel Zadkiel’s dual focus upon forgiveness and memory can help you heal emotional pain from your past.  The archangel can work with you on releasing old anger or feelings of victimhood so that you can remember and live your Divine life purpose.  As you ask Zadkiel for emotional healing, he’ll shift your focus away from painful memories and toward the recollection of the beautiful moments of your life.  Archangel Zadkiel is a great healer of the mind, who gently leads you by the hand to take responsibility for your own happiness.

Archangel Chamuel(Pink/Pale Green)

Archangel Chamuel is a powerful Archangel of protection, comfort, love, peace and compassion. (I have been told by my divine team more then once that I am the human embodiment of this beautiful Angel.. which means my soul radiates at the same frequency and my human mission is similar but on a more "Human" or Earthly level)

Chamuel often works behind the scenes to help ease tension, alleviate burdens and rinse away fear and pain energy from your being.

Call upon Archangel Chamuel to integrate Divine love and peace into your life now.

His holy mission includes the manifestation of universal peace through helping individuals attain inner peace, even during turbulent times.

Chamuel uses his vision to ensure that you and others are at peace by helping you find what you’re looking for.

From his lofty vantage point, Chamuel can see the location of every missing item and the solutions to every problem.

Even though he’s stationed at an extremely high level, Chamuel is very down-to-earth and accessible, like a great man who has remained entirely humble.

Call upon Chamuel when you need to feel deep inner peace......

Archangel Jeremiel(Dark Purple)

Archangel Jeremiel assists with developing clairvoyance, receiving prophetic visions, understanding the meaning of dreams, and sorting through past memories to review your life.  Call upon Archangel Jeremiel when you're ready and willing for help, and he will help resolve challenges and guide you to make changes which will impact your future in a positive way.  Archangel Jeremiel is said to help newly crossed-over souls review their lives before they ascend to Heaven.  He can also help those who ask to review their present life. In other words, you don’t need to wait until your physical passage to have a life review.  Archangel Jeremiel can be of assistance as you take inventory of your action and adjust your future plans accordingly.  Jeremiel is a mentor and teacher who clearly guides us to see ourselves and others through the eyes of love.

Archangel Raziel(Rainbow)

Archangel Raziel is like the wizard of the Archangels as he holds the key to unlocking many of the secrets and mysteries of the Universe.  Connecting with Raziel can help you to uncover new spiritual insights, develop your psychic abilities, remove blockages, increase your creativity, and tune into Divine magic and manifestation!  Raziel helps you recall all of the lessons that your soul has accumulated over time and condense these into usable energy for your present life’s mission.  Raziel also assists in healing from painful memories and past traumas, especially if they create fears of moving forward with your life mission.  Addition­ally, Raziel can help you dissolve any troublesome vows you may have made in previous lifetimes, such as those of poverty, self-sacrifice, or chastity. If you don’t want the effects of those vows in your present life, call upon Raziel to undo them.
Also call upon Raziel when you want to create magic and miracles in your life or situation.. feel the upliftment and sparkly magic of his rainbow energy. (Seeing lots of rainbows around ya Raziel is working with you.... ah ha!)

Archangel Raguel (Dark Pale Blue)

Archangel Raguel is known for healing arguments or misunderstand­ings; bringing harmony to situations; attracting wonderful new friends.

Archangel Raguel is primarily discussed in the apocryphal Book of Enoch and is listed as one of the seven principal archangels.

Raguel is considered to be the archangel of orderliness, fairness, harmony, and justice.

He also manages the relationships between angels and humans.

In Enoch, Raguel dispensed jus­tice to those who violated God’s will.

YOUR GUardian Angels........

We are all cradled in the supportive and protective care of guardian angels.  Our guardian angels are messengers from God, sent to guide us as we make our way through life.  Think of your guardian angel as your loving companion who walks by your side, providing guidance and assistance.
As best friend, your guardian angel may come to you as the nurturing presence of a mother to comfort you in times of need, bringing inspiration and beneficial influences.  During crisis, your guardian angel may appear as a mighty catalyst, embodying the majesty and power of the Lord’s love, prompting you to action.  And in situations of physical or spiritual distress, your angel interacts with the strength and protectiveness of a father who pulls you swiftly from harm’s way.

Most often, however, your guardian angel assists you in ways that are nearly invisible. With vigilance, you can begin to recognize the familiar, comforting feeling of your guardian angel’s touch. Your guardian angel is standing by, waiting for every opportunity to connect with you. You must be receptive to accept the love, direction, and comfort your angel wants to bestow.

Don’t you want a more personal relationship with your angel so you can receive this help?

How can you reach out to your angel?

Try the 10 easy and dynamic ways you can use to communicate with your guardian angel. Then watch for the results!

1. Prayer –Prayer is simply talking with your angel or God in a personal and direct way. Speak of your soul’s deepest desires as if you are speaking to your best friend because you are. Express your loving devotion. Ask for help. You can’t do it wrong. The most important quality of prayer is sincerity.

2. Walk with your Guardian Angel – Talk with your angel while you walk. Talk about questions, challenges and desires you feel while you walk. Watch for your angel’s response to your questions and requests for help.

3. Meditate – Open your heart to hear responses to your prayers and to feel the love of God. There are many forms of meditation depending on your need at the time:

  • Calming

  • Thinking and searching for answers

  • Releasing pent up emotions

  • Searching for a depth within where you can feel the presence of the Lord and your guardian angel

  • Giving your loving devotion

Opening your heart to feel your soul and receive information about your soul’s purpose.

4. Desire – What do you want? Your desires create a force that compels you to take action. Your Guardian Angel and God respond to your desire. If you desire a deeper relationship with God and your guardian angel and take the action of reaching out, you will experience a response.


5. Contemplation – So much of our thought is consumed with non-sense. Instead, think deeply about questions that will bring you closer to your guardian angel such as: What is your soul’s deepest desire? Have you had experiences of your guardian angel? What is missing in your life?


6. Gratitude – Heart felt gratitude pulls you out of negative influences. Find something to be grateful for in every situation.


7. Write letters to your angel – Writing letters about specific topics and feelings helps you to become clearer about an issue, problem or question. Once you are clear, you can ask for specific help. Then your angel can respond.


8. Devotion – Create an altar or place where you can go to feel the presence of your guardian angel. Put objects that remind you of your soul’s desire on the altar. Add your letters to your altar. Pray here. Listen for answers. Light a candle and find a feeling of peace. Make this place a living presence in your life.


9. Journal – Write about your most intimate desires and feelings. As you contemplate questions, write about your thoughts and feelings. Use journaling to discover more about yourself, and then offer those discoveries to your guardian angel and God.


10. Take action – As you make discoveries about yourself, take action. As you receive answers to your prayers, take action. Find ways to change that will bring you closer to the truer part of yourself and your soul’s purpose where happiness and fulfillment lies.

What would the Angels like you to know?

Angels love everyone unconditionally. They look past the surface and see the godliness within us all. They focus only on our Divinity and potential, and not on our “faults.” So angels aren’t judgmental, and they only bring love into our lives. You’re safe with the angels, and you can totally trust them.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, because the angels believe in you. They see your inner light, they know your true talents, and they understand that you have an important life mission.

They want to help you with everything.

You don’t need to have special training, be saintlike, or engage in religious work to commune with the angels. They help everyone who calls upon them, no matter what.

The angels’ assistance is free of charge, always available, and there are no “catches” involved.

Those who regularly contact their angels report great improvements in their lives. They feel happier, more peaceful and confident, and less afraid of death or the future. They know that they’re not alone, because they have trustworthy guardians watching over them.

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