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The Sacred Element of Water

The Element of change and transition.... ease and flow

The Sacred Element of Water

One of the best ways to connect with grounding energies during this time of massive celestial energetic flux is to connect with the Sacred Elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water. I have been taking some time to replenish my energy this week with the Sacred Element of Water.

Merging with the energy of Water

When you merge with the sacred realm of Water, you are calling forth the energy of the universal fuel of existence.

There would be no life here on Earth if it wasn't for the element of Water.

When you "plug in" to this element, you are also connecting to a unifying current that runs through all life here on, and within, this planet- to the flow that unites us all through the primordial intelligence of Water.


You can call upon the "Spirit" of water to come.. be with you... be a teacher, a healer, a friend, a guardian......


Feel the spirit of water within you.. within your holy shrine (physical body).......


Connect with the element of water in your mind, body, and spirit to balance and rejuvenate your being.....


TO help you go with the flow.....

Alignment with Water Element

As humans, we are mostly composed of water. It influences our energy greatly.

When you call forth this Sacred Element, you invite in the attributes of empathic healing, flow, cleansing and purification of body, mind and spirit, compassion for, and connection in oneness to All That Is.

When you are strongly aligned with Water energy, you call forth greater levels of sensitivity, compassion, adaptability, and deeper feelings of intuitive knowing.


Everything in life just flows........

When you are imbalanced in this Sacred Element, you are cynical, sarcastic, prone to emotional drama, delusion and obsessive behavior.


Life can act as if you have a log crossing your river.... blocking your flow.....

Seasons of Water (life cycles)

Water is one of the primary vehicles of change as the wheel of the year turns.

The winter is a time when the water turns to its solid state–lakes freeze over, the water within the ground freezes, and water falls as snow, blanketing everything. Each snowflake is a world into itself, a unique gift, the Awen of the universe expressed in minute form.

The water, in its frozen state, brings about a calmness, a quietude, and a tranquility. As we go into winter, this is the time when we reflect deep within ourselves, when we too find rest. The water requires and demands this rest in its solidity.

When the spring comes, the warm rains fall, helping thaw the earth and bring forth new life. The plants uptake these waters and grow into the summer months, producing their bounty as light returns to the world.

Summer Life in the Water ...storms–or droughts–mark the passing of the wheel.

Humidity rises, mosquitoes come out seeking the water within each of us, the berries burst forth, and the wheel continues to turn. Into fall, it becomes hotter and dryer, and the vegetables and fruits are harvested.

When we harvest vegetables, we must pay attention to their water content–for losing water is to lose freshness, to lose firmness, and takes much of the taste away.

By the time frosts and cold begin to once again blanket the land, water again is the agent of change.

When the first frosts come, the water cells in the plants (especially the sensitive plants, such as many in the nightshade family) crystallize and then burst–this process marks the transition from liquid to solid state, and from fall to winter. This is why the first and last frost are probably the two most important times to know when gardening–it marks the passage of the season.

Water's Message/Lesson for HUmans

We can learn a great deal from watching water and how it can seamlessly change flow and direction, how the strength of water can actually forge a new pathway if it reaches an unmovable obstacle.

It simply and happily finds a new way to go. ...

From this, we can learn to be flexible rather than fixed in our ideas and beliefs.

Listening to water allows you to connect and communicate with the energetic imprint of all life that is nourished by it.

Water needs to keep moving......

When it stagnates, it can become foul and compromised in its purity.............

When we allow our own energy to be stopped in its flow, we feel sluggish and unproductive.

Call Forth the Element of Water

Today, let's call forth the Sacred Element of Water and merge with its seamless adaptability and flow with this Sacred Activation.

Take the energy of this alignment even further by setting time aside today to observe the flow of water in nature.

Listen with your heart to messages for your soul's journey at this time.

If you do not have access to lakes, Oceans or bodies of Water..... you can sit in a bath tub of water with your favorite Bath Salts .......


Relax..... tune in to the Element of Water...

Breathe.... flow... feel the expansive healing...


Program your bath water (with intention) as a sacred springs of love and light......

Sacred Water Healing Prayer/Invocation

Element of Water.

Welcome. I give thanks for your presence.

Thank you for your gifts of fluidity, gentleness, patience and persistence.

Thank you for teaching us how to go with the flow, how to roll with the twists and turns of this amazing journey of life.

Thank you for the deep cleansing and clearing you offer us… for the way that you wash through us and around us, renewing us in each moment.

Thank you Water for your fluidity, gentleness, patience and persistence.

Thank you Water.


Love you always...


Becky Jo

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