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The path to Overall Health and Well Being

Balancing Mind, Body, and SOul.... to align with your purpose

The path to overall Health and Well Being

In order to stop symptoms, reverse disease, and stay on a path to overall health and wellness you need to have balance in three areas:

  • Whole Food and nutrition (Body)
  • Head(Ego) and Heart(Love) (Soul)
  • Emotional balance (Mind health)

Through my many years of working as a "Wholeistic" Healthcare Practitioner, I find that most people are missing pieces to one, two, or all three of these components and overlook the fact that having complete balance with all three is the key to "whole" health.

It’s not just the right diet, or the perfect supplement, or the right essential oils or meditations, affirmations..... etc...

It’s also, the right mindset and emotional balance that leads to long-term heath and wellness....

It means that every single day you wake up and say "Thank you GOD/Universe (Whatever that means for you) for giving me another chance to Fulfill my mission"...

It means that in every single moment you are learning what serves your highest and best path and purpose and you choose that more and more until it becomes a lifestyule...

It also means that in that lifestyle you are living in the mind frame that you are an extension of "Source" energy and when you keep a balance of all of that.... you will free yourself of things that never really mattered in the first place.....keeping things simple and easy.

Diet and Exercise/BODY (Ya I know you heard this before.. or did you?)

Before you shake your little head and click out of this article... remember this.....

In order to be healthy in your mind and soul... you must respect the Divine Vessel that you are in! You must learn that your physical body is your "Cosmic suit" and in order to complete your "Mission" here on Earth that you contracted.. agreed to... and came to over achieve at (as you raised your hand and told the entire Universe... PICK ME!).

As you awaken more and more spiritually and realize who and what you truly are outside of your human body... you will more and more understand that you must honor your physical body and the more and more awake you become... the more and more the calling will be there to eat whole foods from Earth which were meant to be consumed (that's why they are here darling)..

You will eventually come to a place where every-time you eat something that is processed or chemical laden.. you will get sick.... get headaches and stomachaches..... just not feel good when you do!

I know that we have been eating poisons for years and society has not taught us that these "Chemicals" in our foods like "Preservatives" are literally poisoning us...

Just "Preservatives" alone... think about what they are.... they are man made chemicals that are placed into processed foods to give them longer shelf life.... which I would like to believe at one time was a great idea...... but it has gone too far now and it is killing us....

When you eat foods with "Preservatives" in them... they do just that.... they do not break down on the shelf.... but they also do not break down in the body... leaving things stagnant and leaving your brain and nervous system at a loss of what to do... they are neuro-toxins and throw off the balance of EVERYTHING in your body.

SO even if you are not someone who wants to eat perfectly healthy..... you should at least be trying to cut down on the processed foods at the very least for your highest and best good... your body was meant to eat Organic fruits and vegetables (fresh.. not canned with preservatives) that have a high vibration from nature and from being grown in the sun (imagine the energy an vitamins that the sun soaks into them).

Guys...... I cannot tell you enough how what you eat impacts your entire being...... when you are on a spiritual journey of enlightenment or ascension or whatever belief system motivates you....... if the foods you are eating have been processed to the point where they no longer have a vibration...... its keeping you stuck in the matrix... I promise you!

SO keeping up with treating your physical body the way you treat your soul....... will only improve everything!

what does that mean? well...... we are learning to work through old outdated programs in our minds and emotions and we are learning that when we work through and clear what no longer serves it raises our vibrations and we feel wonderful........

The same goes for the physical body....... we are teaching our cells that we love them and we want to heal them... they respond accordingly when they are given what they need to be their highest and best too...

Emotional (Mind) Balance.... piece by piece and day by day

One of the main puzzle pieces to emotional balance, is the perspective people have when choosing to make change....

In making positive changes in your life, you make the decision that you choose to do your soul work and work through the lessons that you came here to "School room Earth" to learn.

You make the choice to learn and grow and shift your perspectives from being a "Victim" to being a "Victor" in every single area of your life!

It isn't easy to re-train our brains from "Fight or flight" to "Universe has my back"......

But when we realize that we no longer have the need to be in struggle...... if we truly just ralize that we have the control over our emotions... we always did... we just didn't learn how to properly acknowledge it.......society..our family and environment has taught us to be the way we are.

But when you step outside of the concepts that society has learned and you realize you were meant to be one of the front runners who will help society learn a new way... a more peaceful and loving way to exist...

It will help you change your perspective and when you do that... peace and harmony and trust in God/Universe will be a side affect!

Wayne dyer states that "if you keep doing the same things over and over... you will get the same result.... but if you change how your do things......everything will change."

SO instead of viewing life as a struggle.... step back and truly e brutally honest with yourself....... what are YOU doing to cause the disharmony in your life?

What thoughts do you have that deep inside you know dam well are not serving you.....?

HOw could you change your mind? I promise you ..... you won't regret it!

Learn from your mistakes... thats why you are here..... to experience them and rise above and then help others rise above (if you are reading this it is because you are a light worker..... a catalyst for change here on Earth... even if you don't know it yet!)

Don't you want to find inner peace?

Well.. only YOU can bring yourself to a place of loving yourself unconditionally and letting go of the things that do not matter........ and only focusing on your blessings and being thankful for every single thing you have...... be HUMBLE!

LET GO OF FEAR AND FIND YOUR PURPOSE....... and focus on that!

Fear or Purpose.... you make the choice

In the big picture of energetics and choosing your mind-frame and intentions..... essentially, there are only two ways people make change: through fear or purpose.

With FEAR, you are moving AWAY from an issue. Example, “I want to be out of debt.”

With PURPOSE, you are intentionally moving TOWARDS what you want. Example, “I want to be financially free.”

I have found that when clients realign their goals with purpose, they get better faster, with less effort, and with longer-term success.

When you are in FEAR mode your emotions tend to circle around depression, anxiety, frustration, panic, and overwhelm.

When you focus on PURPOSE, your emotions will show up as inspirations.... joy, happiness, enthusiasm, and gratitude

So, take a moment and reflect… In your journey of healing, how do you approach it?

Is it from a point of FEAR?

  • “I don’t want to get sick like my parents.”
  • “I want my symptoms to stop.”
  • “I’m afraid to make changes, because they might not work.”

Or is it from the position of PURPOSE and intention?

  • “I want to be healthy and set a good example for my children.”
  • “I want to be whole and healed.”
  • “I choose to make the changes necessary because I deserve health.”

Though these may seem like small differences, they make enormous impact on healing and wellness.

Not only do I see this every day with my clients.........but there are numerous studies which solidify the success of this shift in perception.

Reaching towards what you want (PURPOSE), rather than running away from what you don’t want (FEAR), is a key component in attaining your life goals surrounding health, financial, relationships, and personal happiness.

Right now, take a moment to scan your most recent decisions about your life.

Do you typically make choices based on fear or purpose?

Are you moving towards what you want or away from what you don’t?

When was the last time you advocated for yourself, purposely aligned your decisions with your goals, obtained what you really wanted, and then stayed on track to KEEP those successes?

If this resonated with you and you want to uncover more about how you can make the Miind, Body, and soul work together to move you to purposeful long-term health...

Set up a consultation with me today so we can go over your goals and dreams and make them start becoming your reality with the help of your Heavenly guidance team and myself (and your higher self of course)...

This valuable 60 minute session will help you uncover what other hidden blocks are keeping you from stopping your symptoms, reversing your disease, and getting on the track to whole health.

Let me help you heal your life one guided actin step at a time!!!!

Click on the button below to schedule yours today!

Otherwise..... if you aren't ready yet to step into this change... please at least truly think about what I have said here today.....

LIVE WITH PURPOSE.......... LIVE ON PURPOSE........ ALIGN WITH AND LIVE YOUR PURPOSE....... you are waiting for you and so are those who need you to help them live theirs.....



~Rebecca Jo~

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