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How What you eat...

affects your spiritual path

The Energy and Vibration of Food (or Lack there of....)..Eating for Your Highest Good.....Making thee food thy Medicine!


I have heard it said many times that I am "ahead of my time" with all of the information and guidance that I received from my higher self and my divine team that is absolutely life changing for all of humanity.

I have been on this beautiful healing journey for 8 years now and hard core since 2012 when I had a spiritual awakening that lead me to see my truth and the truth of all of us from a completely different perspective.

I went from truly barely being able to get out of bed in the morning and taking a ridiculous amount of Narcotics (One Neuro-surgeon I saw in clinic several years ago said it was "Enough to kill a horse") daily...

to completely re-vamping my whole life where I didn't need to reach for something to numb my pain because I got to the root of it and healed it piece by piece and day by day...

Although this has been a "Spiritual" journey of my soul's bigger and higher truth....

If it weren't for me learning and discovering what the physical body truly needed...

if it weren't for the knowledge and understanding I came to know about the human body and the part it plays in spiritual evolution and growth...

Then there is no way I could be where I am.

Unfortunately.... most of humanity that I have talked to about this just shake their heads at me and think "Man is she a hippy!"; because they have had others drill them about diet and nutrition their entire lives....

and that stupid little monkey in the back of their minds tells them it's a threat when the words "Healthy eating" are spoken.

It is like it is an automatic shu off valve in their thinking brains.....

"What? you said fruits and vegetables? You must be vegan......" (and then the brain goes on ignore mode!

GUYS!!! Have you ever looked at the bigger picture before? Have you ever realized that the things we are hearing over and over in our lives are a higher calling?

If you are constantly running into people who talk about healthy eating and how to heal your physical body....

If you turn on the tv and over and over you are seeing infomercials about nutri bullets or vitamins, or healthy eating....

If you find yourself smack dab in the middle of a group of folks who are obsessed with working out and eating gluten free.....


you might be a redneck... lol whoops.....

You are being directly spoken to by your higher guidance system! It isn't time to keep shutting it out...

It is time to start supplementing your body and giving it what it needs to help you complete your mission!

It is time to start honoring your body (aka avatar) for the miracle it is ... for the vessels of life that is contains!

I mean did you really think that you could keep going further on your spiritual path without making some change to your health ?

Well that includes your physical body, you mental body, your energy body.. and your soul my darling!

When it comes to being our highest and best and living a life of service unto others...

Dear one.....YOU MUST service yourself first!

It is TIME TO WAKE UP! Mcdonalds is truly serving half ass food these days! It's not even real food!!!!



Feed Dis-Ease or Heal it? Every bite counts!

We have heard it said many times that every single bite we take is either feeding disease or healing it.


With the increase of fast foods and convenience foods — which not only lack the essential minerals and vitamins needed for optimal cellular function but are also filled with pesticides, antibiotics and hormones, not to mention chemical additives, is it any wonder that people are getting sicker and sicker?

Many people are living fast-paced lifestyles, and have become too accustomed to living in their heads.

This means they function from the neck upwards, eating mainly out of habit, and thus fail to see the true impact that poor lifestyle choices, including food and drink, are having on their bodies and ‘energy system’.

These people are literally ‘talking heads’, who have lost their body awareness.

The human body is a marvelous machine which is capable of self-balancing for extended periods of time, even when we don’t treat it correctly…

this is exactly why we often don’t notice the ill effects of our choices immediately.

Sometimes we may have a sudden body reaction like a headache or feeling sick to alert us, but often the adverse effects are not strong enough to ring alarm bells!

And, even if the body screams at us, we even go so far as to casually shrug these messages off..

YOUR SOUL IS SPEAKING TO YOU..... you are on the verge of a huge awakening and your physical body needs to be in harmony in order for the rest to fall into place!

Every moment of every day, subtle changes are happening at the cellular level, and if the body does not get vital nutrients for healing (cellular repair and regeneration), it will sooner or later show this imbalance as the manifestation of disease.

When this happens, its seems as if the illness or disease hit us ‘out of the blue’ but the truth of the matter is that the body could no longer sustain us because we neglected and/or abused it.

In order to be truly enlightened and live an awakened path....

it means that you honor your body!

Honoring yourself doesn't just end with your thoughts and words.....

The Energy and Vibration of "food"


Everything in nature has a vibration!!! Different foods (whole foods) were created differently to give the human body what it needs to survive the mission we chose to come here and fullfill!

When fruits and vegetables and whole foods are processed in factories.... they lose their unique vibrations that they receive from their source and from the Sun... (which is encoded for the highest and best of the Human body!)

Food is energetic just like us... so when you are eating food that is made from a big company that was made in the energy of greed and $$$.... do you truly think that will raise your vibration?

Do you know that greed is one of the lowest vibrating energies on the planet?

We are not only eating things that our bodies do not recognize as "Food",which will immediately lower your vibration because your body has to spend too much energy trying to figure out what to do with it!

Then the negative energy attached such as greed lowers the vibration even more!

So say you are someone who meditates every day and is on a path of enlightenment.... but you eat processed foods every day that not only are poisoning your system but bringing your energy and soul body and mental / emotional body down too (because not only are you taking in the energy of whatever it was processed with... but you don't feel good about yourself when you do it, because you know it is bad for you but do it anyway.... so you introduce emotions like guilt, shame, blame.... etc etc etc!

So if you are gonna eat horrible stuff ...... and we all do from time to time!!!

Let go of the guilt and see it as a treat .... you will get better results! (im not saying doin this all the time... lol but when you do).

But when we don't eat well... we stress about it!!!

When we eat healthy... we feel good about it and it raises our vibrations!!!


So what do I mean by food vibrating?

The theory is that if you eat foods that have a high vibrational level, your body goes into sympathetic resonance with those vibrations and you feel healthier, happier and just plain better all the way around.

  • Food with the highest frequency at approximately 6,500-10,000 angstroms would be things such as: fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, almonds, sunflower seeds that have not been chemically altered in any way or are GMO, freshly laid eggs, white or green tea, matcha, etc..
  • Beneath that at 6,000-3,000 angstroms we have: cooked vegetables, butter, eggs from the stores fridge, raw sugar, honey, cooked fish, etc.
  • And the bottom of the rung at 3,000 angstroms and below: anything processed or refined, sausages, cooked meats such as beef, pork or chicken.

The fresher and less processed that your food is the better it is for you and the better your body feels. It’s been drilled into our heads over the last few years and yet for convenience we hit the processed food aisles......

BUT REMEMBER... when you are eating food with little or no vibration and then your trying to keep your vibe up.........

How do you figure that will work on your path of enlightenment?

Plants were put here on Earth to help us maintain and sustain life!!!!

So why not make it easier for your body to have life force energy by eating things at least a majority of the time that are high vibrational foods full of vitality?

Do you realize how much it will change your life, just by adding foods with life force to your diet?

The sooner we realize how energy and vibrations affect plants and then us when we consume them.....

The Better of we will all be!

So for those of you who are wondering if you can heal your dis-ease with whole foods, which make your body run easily and efficiently.....


and for those of you who are asking me if eating right will help raise your vibration and then your consciousness and lead you on the the path of your life's purpose because you are vibing so high you run straight into alignment with it......


oh ya.... and for each and every single one of you out there that wonder if the foods you eat have anything to do with your spiritual path.........

The Answer to all 3 is YES!


If you don't believe me just try it!


Watch your life transform when you honor your physical body as a form of honoring yourself!


Heal thyself...... let thy food be thy medicine!

Stay tuned...... I will be posting articles about specific foods that are high vibrational in the next few weeks!


God BLess you and Good luck on your path......


If you are ready to truly comit to your healing journey, I would be honored to be your teacher/guide.


Reach out...


on Facebook at


Twitter: meditativemumma


Instagram: Wholeistichealer


Love you always...




Becky Jo


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