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Internet Trolls and Energy Vampires

Empaths, Sensitives, HSPs...... Im talking to you!

Be ware......... of the VAMPires!!!!!

"What do you mean? Vampires are truly real after all this time?" One unsuspecting client of mine said to me one day in a session with me...


I lovingly laughed and explained to her that "YES... they do exist... but not how you think!"


I then explained to her that "Energy Vampires" are every day common Human Beings that walk and talk and live amongst us all.


There are many kinds, types, shapes, and sizes but every single one of us has encountered them at one point or another...


Unfortunately, until we recognize them (some are even our own family members... and sometimes we realize WE are this too.... but we can heal from this after we find acceptance!)


YOu see........



If you’re a compassionate, caring and/or thoughtful person, it’s likely you will attract energy vampires. Know that it’s not about YOU. It’s the nature of energy vampires to look for people with a glowing life force otherwise what else would they suck on.

An energy vampire believes it’s all about them. Every pain, every suffering, every misery that ever traipsed the earth is all about them. They see no one. They feel no one. They share no one else’s perspective except theirs. All they do is take and drain.



11 Signs You Have an Energy Vampire in Your Life

Energy vampires come in many forms but they all have several obvious characteristics. Until you learn to identify these characteristics, you won’t know how to deal with them:

  1. Do you feel drained, exhausted, irritated, miserable or unhappy within a few minutes in a person’s company? Do you think about how much you want to get away after only a few minutes in this person’s company?
  2. Do you feel like you are constantly compromising yourself, your ethics, integrity and belief system, and accepting the blame when you are around this person?
  3. Are you in a personal or professional relationship that feels like you are the only contributing to the relationship 100% of the time while the other person takes, takes and takes?
  4. Is there someone in your life that is always trying to guilt you into giving them something or making you do something?
  5. Energy vampires are never happy. Ever. They are complainers, whiners, party poopers, kill joys, and worst of all, drama queens. They can turn a simple trip to the grocery store into a theatrical production of Hamlet by the time you get to the check out counter.
  6. An energy vampire always finds a way to make your happiness/your moment about them then subsequently ruin it.
  7. Do you hang around people that mock or ridicule you every time you want to be yourself?
  8. Are there people in your life that need constant reassurance and validation? Does it feel like you have to whip out an orchestra to sing, “You are the champion” every damn day?
  9. Do you have a push-pull relationship with anyone? These are people that suddenly reappear when your life is going great and disappear when it seems like things aren’t in top shape?
  10. Do you always feel like you have to save someone? Like it’s your job to fix someone or their life?
  11. Do you have someone in your life that complains incessantly about every one and everything without any intention of or interest in fixing what the issue is?

If you can relate to more than two things on the list above, chances are you have an energy vampire in your life, and it’s time to do something about it.

REMEMBER.... that technology drains our energy too........ remember to disconnect, disengage and go within daily....

Ok I see... How do I "Protect Myself"?

8 Ways to Avoid and Protect Yourself from Energy Vampires

Once you’ve identified the energy vampires, it’s not so easy to get rid of them. Some of them might have been in your life for years and have become an intricate part of your life.

  • When someone treats you in a way you find unacceptable, speak up immediately or ASAP. Don’t accept it or find a way to cope with it. Nope. Call the person out on it. Acquaint yourself with the word, no.
  • Before you kick the person to the curb, think about having a conversation with them. Maybe the relationship can be fixed. It’s possible the person doesn’t realize what they’ve been doing and a conversation can help them become conscious of the kind of energy they’re putting out there.
  • Don’t try to be the bigger person or go along to get along. This isn’t just some one off event. This is your life energy. This person is effectively preventing you from achieving your life plan because you have no energy left after they’re done feeding off your energy.
  • You cannot always get rid of energy vampires depending on the relationship so what are you going to do in this case? Reduce the time you spend with the person significantly if you cannot avoid them altogether.
  • Learn to tune out negative people if you can’t avoid them completely. If you’re wondering how to do this, meditation is a very effective method. When you tune someone out and surround yourself with the light of your energy, their words mean nothing and cannot affect you. It takes time to learn how to do this. Read 
  • Pay attention to the energy you are putting out there as well. You may be attracting the same type of people to you. For instance, if you’re belligerent all the time, you may find yourself surrounded by belligerent people. Take control of your energy as well. What you seek is seeking you – Rumi.
  • Talk to someone else about energy vampires especially someone that has been in the same situation as you. This can help you understand what’s going on and accept that you are not the problem here.
  • You are allowed to walk away from any and every situation that does not make you happy. You do not need anyone’s permission or validation to do it either. This is about you. Give yourself the permission to walk away without feeling guilty about it.

But What about the TROLLS?

What the heck is an Internet Troll you ask?


They are literally those who purposely try to hurt others or put others down (they literally get off on it!)

Here is an informational video I love on Youtube

Be careful in the "Groups" on Facebook guys! Use discernment when engaging on posts! Unfortunately... there are some that purposely ask to be added to Healing, spiritual, empath, etc groups strictly for the purpose of hurting others and making fun of you. They will typically be the ones who constantly post about traumas or dramatic events going on in their lives and you can almost feel them yelling out for you to engage and comment......when you do, that is when they feed off of your energy!! BAM! They will then start messaging you... over and over and over trying to guilt you into helping them.... they will say things like "When can you help me?" or "What can you give me?"

Or they may just contact you to make fun of you or put you down.

REMEMBER... Trolls want to disrupt you and throw you off course....

PLEASE do not EVER feed into this... block them immediately!

Use your intuition... always.... if the post feels like someone truly reaching out for help, then yes by all means, ALWAYS help those in need!

Sometimes a Troll is a Vampire too! (a Vampole? lol)....

If it is the same person posting these things over an over..... use caution!

If it feels like your energy is being sucked from your body when you read it... steer clear!


Use the same techniques stated above for the Vamps...... except you will need to literally "Block" them at times!

BUT YOU CAN PROTECT YOURSELF and not be affected!

Let me tell you something awesome that happens when you learn to become confident, strong, positive, assertive and secure in your own power. Energy vampires swerve out of your way because they recognize your energy isn’t easily accessible to feed off. Energy vampires don’t like work and when you’re this way, it’s too much work. They will back off and move on to the next possible victim.


The more we learn about this and the more we evolve emotionally and rise above the ways of th Matrix... the more personal power each of us have and the more self esteem we will have too!


Just keep on being you and keep on shining your light...... reach out to help these people if you can (because we are supposed to help each other heal... its our duty!)...


BUT>..... disengage if and when needed and know what is in your highest and best good.. if they are not ready to get to the root of their problem, and not ready to make the choice to want better for themselves... THAT IS NOT ON YOU!



I love you........


Have a WOnderful Day.... Stay in your highest and best self... more and more each day!


~ Becky JO~

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