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The bonus healing waters I discovered by Distilling my own Essential Oils

Here is a "Research" Paper that I wrote back in the days of "Aromatherapy school"...


Although looking back now, I think I probably could have dam Near taught the class with the experience I had doing my own experiments and playing with plants and plant waters...


I cannot tell you how important "Hydrosols" (AKA PLANT WATERS) have become as part of my personal journey to health and wellness..


As well as a staple in my professional practice.


If you ever talk to a common every day person about "Hydrosols"...


they will look at you like you are in sain...




Bring them up to anyone who has taken a class from me or received care and guidance from me and they will tell you that my "Hydrosols" are MIRACULOUS!


If you have ever ordered skin care products on my site... you most likely have used them and don't realize it...


Because I use them as the "Water" content in my formulations and recipes...


I am on a mission to educate the whole world on how miraculous Nature truly is...


Earth has been here and been functional for billions of years...


and in the ancient days.... of Egypt (and even way before that)


They not only knew this... but lived it as a lifestyle....


Distilling plant waters for body, mind, and soul...


Its too bad that during the last 2000 years, Humanity has forgotten the foreces of Nature and all it's Glory!


ITD TIME TO RE-AWAKEN to some truths that we never heard of before and that is part of my soul mission...




so wakey wakey!!!!!!



So what the Heck is Hydrosol anyway?

Hydrosols are the actual water of the plant that gets extracted during the distillation process.

Its the beautiful healing juices that are left over after the essential oils are separated....

They have the same properties as the plant itself and the essential oils...

But at a little lower "Dose"...

so they are gentle and safe for ingestion!!!

Those that know me well, know I am not a promoter of taking essential oils internally through putting them in your water...


#1 - I watched videos during Aromatherapy school about burned esophaguses that never healed

#2 - Your stomach acids will eat up what doesn't burn you and you will be lucky if it truly does anything for you... its a waste of $.

I know most wont agree with me and that's ok.......

I just want whats best for you and I feel deep in my soul that its a no no!


HYROSOLS...... are safe to drink and I highly recommend it to all.....

They are the energy and magic of the life blood of the plant...


you can just see and feel the love and healing energy in my plants

WHen you drink them....

you can feel the love from Mother Nature to you!

with safety precautions of course....

with knowledge and wisdom and education of course.....

Please always know what you are doing and work with a certified practitioner or a Medical Doctor please!!!



Distilling Essential oils and Hydrosols ("HYDRA-WHAT?")

When I was asked to write a research paper on any subject in Aromatherapy that I feel passionate about, I could not help but feel like I was excited. Most people see they have to write a research paper or book report and they cringe, barely get through it, and turn in JUST enough to get by; Looking up random facts on the internet and filling in their papers with other people's opinions and views. However, I am so passionate and excited about what I have discovered in the past couple of years about hydrosols, that I can not WAIT to talk about them with people. So here is my "Research Paper" from my own research and development from distilling and using hydrosols....

Let me first say that I cannot stand the fact that most people are like "HUH?, Hydra-what? or "Water-what?" They have no idea what that means or what a wonderful healing gift from God it truly is.

My research here is mostly hands on, with my own experimenting and playing around with my own plants and distiller. It has been a great journey, and I am still in the beginning few years; so as much as I have found, learned, and revealed..... it is nothing compared to how truly amazing these herbal waters are! So let's get to it...

First off I will tell you my journey into discovering this. So after playing around with Herbal medicines for a couple of years and getting lots of practice with infusing oils, making salves, lotions, etc (you know the starting basics), I decided that I wanted to try and distill my own essential oils.

Now , when i decided to do this, I had no idea what I was getting in to, what kind of equipment worked best, or what to even get. i started out purchasing one of those microwave contraptions that you were supposed to be able to put the ice on top and the lant material in the jar.... there was a little plastic cup in the middle that was supposed to collect the oils.

Well, needless to say, that was my first rookie mistake. First of all, I had no idea at the time how awful plastic is for these healing waters and oils.

And secondly, this thing was a huge waste of money and time. Not to mention my precious plants that I had harvested (I felt terrible wasting them like that).

So I was disgusted and decided to do some more research before trying anything else. i mean don't get me wrong, I tried the at home, piece together, from your cupboards and drawers method, but that left me feeling like a huge failure too.

So after a month of doing a lot of research, I decided to order a "Tea Pot" distiller.

What a surprise I got the very first time I figured out how to piece this elaborate chemistry device together. It was a blast trying to complete the puzzle.... but when it was done and I had everything in place, I couldn't wait one more minute to try it.

I went out into my gardens and looked around, wondering, HHmmmm, what should I distill first?

Now at this time it was early in the morning, and prime time for harvesting, so I didn't have a lot of time to waste. I decided to start with the mints, so I harvested some spearmint and away we went on the most amazing journey I could have ever imagined.

Not only did I get some essential oils from that first batch, but I got a lot of hydrosol.

Now, at the time, I didn't realize what the hydrosol was; as I was only interested in the essential oil at the time, and like most other people, I was ignorant to the beauty in this wonderful gift.

But, since I am someone who hates to waste anything, I started looking online and in my books to see if there was anything I could do with the left over water after I separated out the oils. I was delighted when I found out that these were not only useful, but healing, and so much more then amazing.

Shortly after I distilled my first few batches of oils and hydrosols, I purchase a book called "Hydrosols, the next Aromatherapy".

This book was very helpful in telling me what hydrosols work for what ailments, and which ones go well together, their chemical properties, and much more. After reading this book, I still use it as a refernce now and then when I am making medicines, etc.

So I spent a couple of years now, distilling different plants, and making many medicines with the healing waters of hydrosol.

I have come to find that there are some plants, that I may not get a whole lot of oils from, but the hydrosols are so powerful, that they, all by themselves, can be ingested.

For instance, let's take Lemon Balm for example. This is one of my favorite herbs for so many reasons. I use this on a regular basis for so many reasons, but just it's anti-viral properties alone are enough to make it my favorite!!! I make herpes medicines and tinctures for colds and flu.

However, now that I have my hands on the hydrosol, I just use the straight hydrosol; it is amazing how I can drink it when I feel a cold coming on and amazingly enough... it will be gone!

When you ingest this hydrosol, it tastes much different then the tea or the essential oil. I for one am not a fan of the taste too much, but if you can get it past the tongue, the rewards of the challenge are so much more then you can imagine.

So, imagine you are having a panic attack ( As an Empath myself, I am prone to them) and you are a naturalist and do not want to take those nasty little valium, lorazepam, or xanax pills that they want you to take for situations such as these.

So you go into your refrigerator and pull out your bottle of fresh Lemon Balm Hydrosol and you ingest the cool, crisp, healing waters and ingest them...... at the dosage, you will feel better almost instantaniously!!!

There are so many things that this wonderful healing water can be ingested for.

Here are some other thingsI personally have used it for or suggested it to clients for including but not limited to chrohn's disease,digestive aid, nausea during pregnancy, Add, immune system boosting, and as a 3 week protocol for anti-inflammatory in Fibromyalgia. lemon balm hydrosol will last for up to 2 years in a refrigerated environment.

I also use the hydrosols in lotions and many other recipes, in place of the distilled water. Why not use the hydrosol, with the extra properties?

So here are a few of the hydrosols that I have distilled and what I have used them for and learned about them (you will love this)...

Peppermint: This hydrosol with all of it's glory has essential oils dancing on the top of it, even after you separate the oils (some still remains).

I would have to say that this is my second favorite and second most used in my home.

It tastes wonderful all by itself; However, for children, I like to dilute it a little bit.

It has a pretty high PH level, and therefor it doesn't last much longer then around 12 months or so.

If I haven't used all of the hydrosol from last years crops when I start to distill the new (which rarely happens, since I usually end up wishing I had more in the middle of the winter) I will drink it up, as to not waste it (I hate wasting things).

But let's talk about the properties that I have discovered. The best thing about this is if you have some tummy discomfort or your children have indigestion, this is the hydrosol for you!

We drink it in our home for that reason and for it's anti-inflammitory, detoxifying, antibacterial, and anti-spasmodic properties (these are only a few).

The thing that most people do not realize is that although with the essential oil, you must keep the dose to a minimum; with the hydrosol, it is extremely problem free and although I usually recommend that you do not use it in children under 3 (per the book Hydrosols, the next Aromatherapy), it has realy proven to be a miracle for myself, my family, my children, and my clients.

Some of the things I have used it for in my practice are colic, indigestion, flatulence, bloating, heartburn, reflux, indigestion, crohn's disease, colitis, irritable bowl syndrome, digestive tract cleansing (mixed with roman chamomile hydrosol for parasite cleanses), motion sickness, and nausea. I also use this one in my acne topical recipes. I have used it successfully for a client with terrible acne... not only to cleanse the digestive system, but topically in a lotion for healing the skin.

I have used it in herbal jellos, while replacing some of the water with it for bowel problems.

One of my favorite things personally to d0 with it is mix it in my hot chocolate!!!!

What a tastey and healing treat that is. I also make ice cubes out of it, that make a great treat for sick kiddos!!!

So what is not to love about this gift from God?

Now that we are on the subject of the mint family, lets talk a minute about

Chocolate mint:

This is one of those hydrosols (essential oils) that definately, in my opinion does NOT get nearly enough credit for the powerful healer that it is.

If you try to find information on it, you may not even find anything. If you do, there is not much literature on it at all. I had a very hard time trying to find anything that was note worthy about it, or information that I trusted to be correct.

So with that said, I have spent a couple of years investigating this on my own and figuring out how to use it proactively.

First, let me just say that when you distill this magnificent beauty, the amount of essential oil that you get is way (Way) more then you get with any of the other mints. The essential oils just DANCE on top of this hydrosol and I mean there is a lot.

With a normal batch of essential oil/hydrosol, usig the teapot distiller, I get an average of 200cc of hydrosol and about a tsp of essential oil (depending on the plant of course).

But with this, you can easily get 300cc of hydrosol and 2 tbsp (yep I said tbsp) of essential oils.

So no wonder why I said this doesn't get nearly enough credit, huh?

So I have used it exactly as I use the peppermint fo the past couple of years with great results. I have used it for clients with digestive problems with GREAT success.

It makes me so sad for this plant, that it is not recognized the way it should be for all of it's glory!

The hydrosol tastes wonderful, and for children, I dilute it with a 50:50 mix.

I love his hydrosol so much, that I would love to promote it and shout it our to the enire world!!!!

Since we are talking about the "Mints" let's give Orange Mint a little look see....

Orange Mint: This lil beauty is a very refreshing and calming water. It is spoken of by the French as "Bergamot" mint.

Why? Because it sure has the undertones of Bergamot (I have tasted it and I agree).

It is very citrusy, and still has a little note of Mint; but not as strong as most mints.

This is a great one to use for stress relief. It is wonderful for calming the mind. Although this one isn't very powerful for digestion, as the other ones are, this one is great as a general system tonic.

I use this one more for skincare then the others, as it is cooling and brightening to the skin. I use it in anti aging recipes, as it is very clarifying and seems to revitalize tired and stressed skin.

Don't get me wrong, It is revitalizing for all skin types... I have tried it and agree with that statement very much.

I also feel very bad for this plant, as it gets little or no recognition in the Aromatherapy world in general..but in my world it is quite a queen!

The next of the mint family that I feel deserves recognition is...

Bee Balm:

I grow and use 3 different kinds of Bee Balm, and I distill all 3 every year.

the first one is Monarda Fistula (Purple Bee Balm); this one, I wildcrafted several years ago from the woods in Northern Wisconsin (a beautiful and serene place that was untouched by man... I am so glad these places still exist). I have since heirloomed this plant and grow a new crop every year from the seeds I collect. The offspring never ceases to amaze me, and I could go on and on about this, but I must stay on topic here!

So when I distill this wonder of nature, not only do I get an enourmous amount of essential oils on the top, but I get a wonderful smelling gem, in all of her glory!

I like to use this hydrosol in body sprays for it's magnificent floral, yet citrusy odor.

However, the taste is completely different then what you would think. It tastes more spicy and analgesic, kind of numbs the tongue, but not in a bad way!

I use this one for fungal infection recipes!

Monarda Didyma (Scarlet Bee Balm): This is a natural God Sent too... this plant has been used in history for many generations as a natural healer! I love the aroma when I distill it and it has more of the thymol ( the active chemical in the thyme families) content then the Fistula does.

When it comes to analgesic properties, this is your gal for tongue numbing..

I like to use this as a mouth gargle when my children have sore throats!

But the coolest one to distill is Mondarda Citriodora (Horse mint) by far!

This one is so awesome when it drips from the distiller. You not only get a large amount of essential oils, and a wonderfully citrusy smell; but the oils are a gorgeous bright orange color, due to it's very high Thymol content. this one is traditionally used as a source of thymol in my area for centuries.

The thymol content in it makes it a very powerful healer of infections and fungals!

I use the citriodora for just those purposes, and although it may seem to be the answer for everything, it is important to use it wisely, as she is very powerful (more then we as humans could ever recognize)!

Oregano: This is another one of my favorites as it is generally well known for it's healing power as an essential oil. But, for me, I would rather use the hydrosol in this case, as it is much safer and versatile then the EO.

I use this one in food recipes for digestive issues, in herbal medicine recipes for infection and in skincare!

However kit can be ingested dialy as part of a general overall health program!

So although you have now gotten a little bit of a "taste" of my favorite hydrosols, that was just a "Sample" of the endless things we can use hydrosols for

! I also like to distill lavender every year for internal and skincare uses!

Some of the other ones I distill every year are chamomile, Evening Prime-rose, Sage, Borage, Basil, Catnip (all sorts of varieties of it), Yarrow, Ginger, cornflower, Echinacea, Lemon Verbena, All the verveins, and many many more!

As I continue this journey I am on, and I fulfill the prophecy that was intended directly for me, I continue to fill my heart and soul with all of the wonderful intentions of these gifts from the heavens.

I hope that some day, other people learn to love the hydrosols as much as I do!!!!!

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