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Epstein Barr Virus .....(or is it an Entity?)

Healing yourself of The "Light Workers" Dis-EASE

EPSTEIN BARR VIRUS (AKA the Light worker's DIs-ease)

Is it affecting you?

I was divinely called to help Light-Workers, healers, and all of Humanity understand and break free from this "Entity" that works hard to keep those of the light sick and distract us from our missions!

Last April I found out that all my years of chronic pain and fatigue (Amongst other things) has had the root cause of Epstein Barr Virus.

I will be starting a series of healing videos and articles to help those that want to heal themselves.

I am writing a book about this and will be on a mission to heal the world of ebv. I started this healing Journey last April and took a break from it because of life happening..... My guides and Angels tell me that it is time to bring this out again.

SO I am sharing the few videos that I started and I will be continuing this journey starting today!

I have been working on developing a line of Herbal Medicinal treatments and Essential oil products for the sole purpose of healing my body completely of EBV.

If you have struggled with unexplained and / or un-diagnosed (nothing shows up when you go to the doctor and have tests) chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, lupis, thyroid issues, endocrine disorders, muscle disorders and MS, Lymes and any other "Mystery Illness" that cannot be defined by medical doctors.

One thing I have found prominent since starting my research is that the majority of people who have Epstein Barr affecting their physical bodies are "Light workers" and "Healers" (This doesn't mean that the average human isn't affected.. oh cuz they (you) are!


If you feel like your Guides and Angels have led you here to heal your body mind and soul... it is because it is true!!!!


WELCOME to your healing journey!


~ Becky JO

The following is a playlist of 9 videos that I did in April 2017 when I first started this journey. I hope these are an awakening and blessing for you. I will continue this journey starting today and will be giving lots of information on how you can eat to supplement your body and use plants and herbs to help and energetically remove this virus from your being and get your life back!!! I pray this will be a blessing to you.... I can lead you but you must ultimately make the decision that you want to heal yourself!! Please subscribe to the blog in order to get the new info as I put it out.......Good Luck!!!

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