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Creating Balance and Harmony

In the "Gut" (AKA: Digestive Tract)

Hello Beautiful souls....

I wanted to take the time to explain to you why you can't lose weight and why you do not feel good.

You see the human digestive system is like it's own eco-system; where there are microbes, bacterias, and enzymes that make up the system, but are not actually part of you!

When you are born, there microbes, bacterias, and enzymes are passed to you through your mother from the birth canal (pretty cool huh?)

Unfortunately, those who are born via c-section do not receive these immediately and sometimes it takes a longer time for your digestive system to function properly.

We also get these through foods that we eat, so as babies when we are eating breast milk we can get them; but bottle fed babies do not until they are old enough to eat solids...

SO as we grow, eventually, with a good diet, we have a balanced "Ecosystem" in our tummies.

Although some people never get this without being aware and creating this...."Human Microbiome" balance as adults.

Like everything else, there is GOOD and BAD bacterias in our stomachs and if there is too many "Bad" then they eventually take over....

what are the signs of little to no good bacteria in the digestive tract?

1) Little to no metabolism (finding it tougher and tougher to stay in shape)
2) digestive problems that don't seem to go away
3) constantly feeling tired or fatigued
4) yeast infections
5) bad breath
6) fungal outbreaks
7) cravings for "Junk food" no matter how hard you try to eat healthy.

your stomach is actually the brain of your appetite......bad bugs tell your brain "Feed me" more junk food (that's why we crave it)

microbes make you crave what makes them grow best on....(bad bugs can influence your food choices.. there is scientific proof)

They send irresistible messages, and want to take over the world (or your stomach) they are manipulative...

SO you sit around craving refined sugars and carbs and eventually you give in, because you can't stop thinking about it... right?

The more you eat of that stuff (without supplementing with the good stuff) the more the "Bad bugs" have to eat....

The more they eat the more they breed.... it can cause yeast infections, bloating, gas, indigestion,and more.

when they take over your good microbes go into hiding and your digestive system shuts down....

"bad bugs" actually can hijack your vagus nerve and make you crave sugars, carbs, and things that make us fat.

So what are the 3 worst things we can put in our stomachs to make the "Bad guys" take over???

1) Antibiotics, which kill off all the "Good guys" for up to 2 years
2) Meats that are not Organic and grass fed (Because they are fed Antibiotics and hormones that will transfer to you)
3) Splenda (the artificial sweetener) that reduces the amount of "Good" bacteria in your digestive system by 50% (look it up if you do not believe me... and i you want real "Stevia" instead I can hook you up)

BUT how to we get rid of the "Bad" bugs?...

we don't need to kill off the "Bad bugs" in order to win the battle...

we need to supplement the "Good microbes" so balance is restored....

you see....

All the "Bugs" eat different foods so the trick is to give the "Good bugs" foods that the "Bad bugs" can't eat even if they tried...

This starves out the bad bugs and the good guys once again flourish (light always wins, right?)

The bad guys die off and you feel healthy very quickly....

because the good guys can restore things back to order

which means more energy, less food cravings, smoother digestion (even possibly curing those digestive system dis-eases that you were told were incurable)..

This in turn leads to better weight management and stubborn fat falling off of your body as you no longer crave the foods that are contributing to this..

Which in turn leads to you being more physically active and getting out of the house more(which contributes to a happy and healthy body too)....

How do we do this?

Well there are many "Diets" out there that are meant to help you do this, but one that I like is the "Microbiome diet".

It was created to help re-store balance in the digestive system.

If you create a balance in your digestive system....correcting the overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria.....

you will lose weight and you can eat what you like....

BUT... basically the best way to do this is to make sure you are eating foods with plenty of "Probiotics" and "Prebiotics" in them (the lives ones.. not the ones you take in a capsule that do absolutely nothing for you...don't believe the advertisements of every one of them.. please!

If you choose to do it as a supplement instead of eating the whole foods enriched with them.. do your research can always message me, I will be happy to help you find one that is for real....)

SO WHAT ARE "Probiotics" and "Prebiotics"?

Prebiotics are a non-digestible food ingredients (indigestible plant fibers) that promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines. They cause good bacteria to flourish again...

give them some "Food" and they will start doing their job again...

they start sending the messages to the brain to make you crave good foods..... feed those good microbes!

Prebiotics can stand alone against the "Bad buys" and although society tends to think that "Probiotics" are more important.. I would disagree personally.....

Probiotics...are the good beneficial bacteria that work along side "Prebiotics"....

they are not your microbes and not nearly as beneficial on their own... (without prebiotics)

Just as I said earlier about any microbes in your system, they feed on the prebiotics and without the prebiotics, they leave cuz they have nothing to eat (waste of money if not taken with prebiotics.)

It is like planting a tree without giving it any water or fertilizer (they will flourish and do good for a while, but soon enough without feeding them they will die)

Prebiotics (on the other hand ) are a stand alone solution. they are the "Food" that Probiotics need to work correctly...

A study showed that "Bimuno" (one of the best of the most important type of good microbes we naturally make in our bodies)) will significantly raise levels of "Bifidobacteria" (good bacterias we need to take over the bad bugs" in human in just 7 days.

Bimunos specifically stimulate the immune system and increase resistance to infection, reduce markers of chronic gut problems, and enhance overall health of the digestive system.

It has been proven that most sufferers of "IBS" have low numbers of "Bifidobacteria" in their gut.

It is recommended to boost "Bifidobacteria" levels even if you are having minor stomach and digestive issues.

So what are some "Prebiotic" foods we can eat?

Here are the top 10....

1) Raw Chicory Root
2) Raw Jerusalem Artichoke
3) Raw Dandelion Greens
4) Raw Garlic
5) Raw Leeks
6) Raw Onion
7) Cooked Onion
8) Raw Asparagus
9) Raw Wheat Bran
10) Raw Banana

So what are some "Probiotic" foods we can eat?

Here are the Top 10...

1) Yogurt
2) Miso Soup
3) Sauerkraut
4) Kefir
5) Kombucha
6) Microalgae
7) Pickles
9) Tempeh
10) Kimchi

and anything that is fermented (like apple cider vinegar if it is Organic and not processed..still "Live")

A couple things to remember though. So many of us jump on that bandwagon and go out and spend high dollars of supplements of these kinds thinking we are doing our bodies good.

We have great intentions, but you must keep in mind that when you are taking this stuff in a capsule form (especially those that are not kept in the fridge)... there are little to no life left in these things.

When I talk about the "Vibration" of foods and plants...remember that foods that are raw or fresh have a huge energy aura; where foods that are processed in a factory (or supplements) usually go under heat and other processes that literally suck the life out of them.

Even if you are taking these in a powder form (of herbs and plants) that seems to have all the good ingredients in them... the herbs and plants may be old or not really what they say they are... just a sales pitch..

All I am saying is.... it is better to eat the "Whole" food, rather then a pill or powder form.. always.

AND..... if you choose to do it this way, please do your research first, so you are not spending all that money for nothing as they are quite expensive!!!

When you find the balance in your digestive system and you create harmony within... you won't believe how much better you feel... and this is all part of living the "Wholeistic" lifestyle...

healing mind, body, and soul!!


~ Becky Jo~

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