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Benefits of Meditation

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Mondays are a great day to meditate (go within) and clear and cleanse the energy of the the past week and pull in the new energies you would like to intend for the week ahead.

So today I would like to explain to you just what "Meditation" is. It is not as complicated and scary as some might think.

However, it is also not a whole lot different then prayer; other than the fact that it is a whole lot "Deeper" then prayer and much more energizing and balancing.

When we close our eyes, shut off our brains, and completely relax our physical bodies; we are much easier able to connect with Higher power.

The benefits of meditating go way beyond the physical healing that occurs.

When we meditate, we open balance and charge our Chakras, which brings peace, harmony, and joy to our minds, bodies, and souls.


1) It doesn't matter how we do it (sitting, laying down, standing); as long as we have the intention to connect with our own well being, we are meditating!
2) Meditation can be based on any "Religion" we follow; or it can be non religious for stress relief and basic healing.
3) Always set an intention for meditation, because this is what we will ask for help with.
4) Meditation can be done, even if it is with eyes open
5) Take 20 minutes out of each day to meditate (at least) and you will be amazed at how much better you feel!




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