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A Message of Love and Light and Unity...

Forgiveness and Peace..... From the Ascended Masters

                                                                        (Channeled by the Wholeistic Healer)

Hello Beautiful SOul!!!

If you are reading this it is because you have been lead here ON PURPOSE!

As I logged on today to write the blog post for the day; which was intended to be about Archangels and their specifics.....

I was very quickly led in a different direction.

You see, because I am a direct channel for higher frequencies and divine light....

Because I embrace this gift with the utmost respect and dignity.....

I am becoming more and more aligned with higher truth every single day!

(I am not special though.....You are too.... do you feel it? we all really are if we let our gifts be a blessing!)

So there are times when the human part of me thinks that I am going to write about one thing... but then the higher more angelic part of my soul says... "ummmm...hang on dear one....although that is beautiful.... that isn't what is in the highest and best for the readers!"

and that is what I heard this morning (exact words!)....

So when this happens, I usually journey in and take some time connecting with my Divine Team and before long......

Truth comes to me like a magnet.......

So this time I was told that right now, humanity really needs a BOOST!

I was told that my readers need some guidance today......

True, heart felt, guidance of Love and Light......

SO I asked my Guides and Angels....

Should I do a card reading? Should I do a healing? Go live?

and the answer I heard was "Each Soul is in need of spiritual parenting for their highest evolution"....

AHHHH... ok... welll.....

"How do I do that?" I asked.

and I heard "Open your heart wider, let go of judgement and doubt...... you will hear the answer."

So this is what I heard....

Within seconds ..... before I knew it... I was channeling and what felt like a few minutes turned into a couple hours!

I was engulfed with beautiful White and pink light.......

Before me stood Mother Mary,St. Germain, Metatron, Buddha, Jesus,Merlin, Quan Yin, and Mary Magdalene.


They surrounded me in a circle of the highest light and love and asked me to please offer each of their unique messages to humanity at this time.

I was asked to offer you all the chance to choose which message speaks to your soul. You can choose 1 or as many as you feel you need for your Spiritual growth and evolution at this time.

Whether you are reading this when I wrote it or weeks, months, even years later... the message is still valid!

Open your heart and soul and quiet your mind....

feel the truth in your highest path and purpose....


choose the message that you know without a doubt is for you!

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Mother Mary

Mother Mary - Greetings dear ones, I am delighted to have the chance to send you the highest energy of love today.

Because I am known to humans as the “Queen of the Angels” and the “Mother” of all I come today with the message of how important it is to love your Mother and / or love yourself as a mother (if you are one).

Some of you have had some traumatic experiences due to choices that your Mothers have made, where you were left to feel like you were not loved and were not important.

Some of you are harboring feelings inside of anger, resentment, fear, or just plain old negative feelings about your Mother.

I ask you today, to please understand that each and every single person is doing the very best that they know how to do in life.

Even if it is you who were the one who has made mistakes as a mother…. Today… right here and right now it is time for you to let go of the negative feelings you have and forgive.

It is time for you to love your mother and yourself as a mother unconditionally.

It is time to understand and know that the things that you have been through are in the past. They are not any longer a part of your day to day reality except for the parts of the traumas that you are still carrying around in your energetic field (subconscious mind).

You are carrying beliefs around that are limiting you from being the expanded divine being you came to Earth to be.

Please for your sake and the sake of those you came to earth to bless….. Forgive your Mother (or yourself) and let go of the old story. Fill the story with compassion for your Mother or yourself as a Mother and send the energy of understanding, peace, love, and gratitude to your Mother or yourself as a mother.

When we forgive others (including ourselves) we release the heavy burdens of negative energy and judgements we are carrying around… which only weigh us down.

Please do not let it weigh you down anymore. Today is the day and now is the time.

Please take the time to forgive and create a better more uplifting and empowering belief about your Mother or yourself as a mother… Please stop focusing on what your Mother did wrong (or what you have done wrong as a mother) and instead focus on what she or you did right!

Pull in LOVE and envision yourself sending compassion to her or you.

ALso….As you continue to learn and grow as a spiritual divine energetic being in a physical body…. As you fully commit to your values, relationships, and God, please be clear about what you want to do next.

Please stick to your beliefs and do not waiver from your values. If someone or something tempts you away from your basic core beliefs, pray for the strength to say no.

Do not go chasing illusions of more money, or more love when everything that you desire is available for you now if you simply realign and re-commit to what is right for you and your soul.

Ask yourself what is important to you and then sit in a quiet space.surrender the situations you need help with to God and your Angels...Pour your heart out to your divine team..they (including me) are all there for you always when you open up and ask.

Please pray for clarity about your true priorities, values, and beliefs and then base your decisions in the next week or so upon this solid foundation. Commit to your beliefs and devote yourself to God… and everything else will take care of itself..but you must be open to receive the love and guidance available for you now.

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St. Germain

St. Germaine is well known as a st. that works with and protects the children....

With that said he wants to remind us all that every single day we should take the time to slow down and just think about how much we love our children (Or the children in our lives).

Children are the future of this world and it is of the utmost importance that we teach then better and show then unconditional love like we never knew as children (not that we didnt know it as children… he just asks that we expand the energy of unconditional love. We are all busy in our lives and he wants us all to please slow down (a lot).

Intentionally spend time every single day feeling the energy of love and gratitude for the children in our lives.

Intentionally teach them that they are limitless and can do whatever they set out to do.

If there is a child or children in your life that you feel are in alignment with their soul’s mission and they are telling you that they see or hear things… please support them and do not make them feel the way we were made to feel.

Love them for who and what they are always.

If there is a child in your life that is difficult to love right now, please picture them as a small innocent baby before reacting to them. Have compassion for them and know that there are reasons why they challenge you… get to the heart of the matter for the highest and best good of all involved.

Unconditional love implies that you love them for who and what they are. It means this is my child and I accept you. Please do not let negative emotions interfere with the relationship… dont let them ever feel like they have to be a certain person in order to be loved. Teach them that they are loved and accepted no matter what.

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Archangel Metatron

METATRON - Wants to talk to us today about ascension.

Every single one of us who is here on earth right now is ascending.

he Earth is ascending to…. But what is ascending?

Ascension is remembering that only love is real. Ascension is remembering that yes, you are physical, but you are also divine. As you realize your own truth and the multidimensional nature of your own divinity this enlightens you to empower others, right?

And then others feel their divinity and empower others (then they light up and empower others,.... Goes on down the line)...

Please take the time to choose love in all areas of your life. This enables the light codes of your higher self to be fully activated in your physical body. This allows you the means to fully ascend.

Full ascension is full awareness of yourself in all dimensions. This is where we are all headed as a species and a planet… long as we all keep choosing love and raising the vibration of ourselves and others and then it raises the vibration of our beautiful planet……

we in the higher realms know it isnt always easy for you to choose love but it is essential for you all…. Please take quiet time to reflect and meditate often as you can it is of the utmost importance for you at this time.. When you are looking within your own heart, you quickly return to rembering your own divinity.

Claim your power as a divine being in physical form. The Angels and ascended masters are always here to help you with this if you just ask. You do not need to die to experience heaven guys…..but rather close your eyes, take a deep breath and look within…..

You have all the hardware necessary and all the knowledge that i needed exists within yourself.

Choose love and your own truth…. Each one of you who are here right now chose to be a part of this miraculous ascension process of planet earth whether you remember your mission or not.. It is your truth… you are divine and the world needs you to stay in a high vibration….

As you realize this you will continue to ascend.

Presented before all of you is a window of opportunity change is needed in the world and you are the one and now is the time… ascend


BUDDHA - Youmay be feeling extra sensitive right now.

Maybe you are feeling vulnerable in certain situations?

Are the energies around you harsh or aggressive?

Well did you forget that you have protection if you just tune in?

When you feel like negative energies are trying to penetrate your auric field.. You are reminded to please visualize a shield of soft but white light surrounding you and picture it dispelling any negativity.

Do not, however, mistake boundaries for walls and protection for defensiveness.

Defensiveness is a fear based reaction, where you feel like the prey for others (fight or flight) stance…… on the other hand protectionism a reassuring feeling of safety and confidence.

Imagine that you can walk freely and confidently in life, surrounded by spiritual bodyguards always who will intercept all negative energies, judgments, and blame thrown at you.

Actually you can never be hurt by what others think, say or do , unless you let it in and let is hurt you.

When you do you are making it your own….. Dont own it,. Know that you can always decide what will reach you and what remains outside your wall of energetic protection because it doesn't belong to you… its not yours.. Stop carrying it around (empath…..)..

Remember you are protected at all times.. The only person who can hurt your feelings is you!


JESUS - As you notice and appreciate your blessings, you open the door to more of God’s Gifts!

God is generous and loving… and desires the very best for each one of us (his beloved children) .

If you have been feeling forsaken or forgotten lately (might be why you chose this message today) this is your reminder of the magical power of gratitude.

No matter what your current situation is… there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

Take a minute each day to review your blessings, including being alive.

Dear ones.. PLEASE.. for your own inner Peace... (wake up and say thank you)..... Including the sunset and sun rise, birds singing, your angels and the signs they send you daily… your heart warms with gratitude for all you currently have you open yourself up to receive more.

Today please practice saying thank you repeatedly aloud or silently these words are the keys that open the door to happiness, abundance, and fulfillment (vortexes)

Love is truly all there is in spiritual truth....... Be love.... you are love..... FEEL THE LOVE!

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MERLIN - Dear one you are concealing something from yourself. What is it?

Your emotions are true and accurate.. Follow your intuition and as emotions come up, they do not do this to annoy you…. They do this as a divine gift of love…. To love yourself and pay attn and get to the root of what is holding you back. Right now you need to admit your deepest feelings to yourself.

Know and trust that it is safe for you to do this.

When you engage in self-honesty, it take some of the potatoes out of your sack. Your genuine feelings form the compass that points you in the best direction and guides you to the answers you seek,.

Trust that any changes you make will come about in harmonious ways if you do this and you will be glad you admitted your true feelings to yourself.

I personally feel like you do not feel good about the way you physically look.

I feel like you do not like what you see in the mirror… to this i say to you... Look deeper…. Do you not see how beautiful you are? You are way bigger then the physical body you are in/// do you not feel this?

But if you truly do not feel good about your physical appearance.. Change it!

You heard me.. Change it.. Get some exercise eat healthy respect your body… it is your divine vessel.

As your body becomes stronger, you begin to feel stronger in all ways and your vibration shifts……. It is not vein to love yourself this much!

Quan Yin

QUAN YIN - Please stop being so hard on yourself.

The negative thoughts you are holding on to are keeping you from your divine truth.

Stop worrying… why are you worrying? It doesn't change things..

There is no amount of worrying that will ever change the outcome in a positive and loving way.

Turn your thoughts toward the positive you have been being too negative lately and it is holding you back.

Anticipating the worst is only making that physically manifest i your reality.

Know that heaven is trying to provide a solution for you but you have to align yourself with the highest and best outcome… it is up to you you have the power to change this into what you want… do you not know that?

You have always had the power… but you must Feel these emotions.. Not just say them.

If you are experiencing sleepless nights full of anxiety and spinning thoughts…. Over a challenge in your life.. Release the problem to God and your angels (guides)... ask them to help you.

Your life is about to start moving very fast…. Events that seemed to be on hold suddenly require all your attention so there is no time to sit and ponder anymore… please send positive solutions to these things for the highest and best outcomes.

Please ask for help……Please bring in the energy of faith.. As this will be one of those cases where it will be resolved in an unexpected way.

So have faith dear one so that you can enjoy each precious moment on your pathway to your beautiful tomorrow

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene - There are Judgement that need to be cleared and transformed into love and acceptance…..

Do not worry what others think or say.

Heal this situation with love.

Send love to those who have hurt or misjudged you.

Forgive yourself for what you think you have done or not done.

Release old un-forgiveness toward others to help yourself heal and move on.

The lower levels of human bickering, judgement, and chaos are just that: lower levels.

I choose to do my work from the level of the higher consciousness, where love reigns supreme.

It is here where the most good can be done, and I urge you to do the same.

Where you dwell in consciousness is where you truly dwell. So, focus your thoughts on the good things that you can find in people, and rise above all appearances otherwise.

it’s about standing in your power. It’s about accepting and loving yourself first and finding something to love about those around you.

It’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin, and not being pulled down by other people’s fears, judgement or opinions.

There is a difference between utter self confidence and rebellion.

There is no fight in you when you stand firmly in your Divinity, there is just love.

Stay true to yourself, do the best that you can do, be better than you have ever been, but don’t compare yourself to others.

Competition will block you from your desires, as you will be in an energy of lack.

Celebrate the victories with the people around you, knowing that there are opportunities coming for you in Divine timing.

Know that your Angels are working closely with you, helping to arrange everything to get you to where you want to be.

Talk to them, either out loud or in your head, write them a letter asking for help to love and accept yourself using positive affirmations, bringing magic and miracles into your life.

Please stop only relying on what others tell you to do and on the guidance from fb and other “Spiritual “ people… please rely mostly on your own relationship with your divine team your higher self and your life’s passion and purpose…..

Add paragraph text here.

I send you all away from this with the highest and best energy of Divine love and truth.. feel yourself align with your soul and the beauty of higher consciousness.....


Have a Magnificent day!


~ Becky Jo (The Wholeistic Healer)

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