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11/11 Do you Believe in Angels?

Repeated Number sequences and other Angel Behaviors.... What does 1111 mean?

DO you believe in Angels? DO you believe in the power of positivity? Gratitude? Abundance? How about spiritual awakenings?

TODAY.... is 11/11 which has significant meaning to many people!

DO you tend to see repeated number sequences over and over and over (especially 11:11)?

Have you ever thought that it must mean something but weren't sure why?

Well here is the skinny....

Today, on 11/11, the energies are a direct channel to the divine.... so on this day all that you project will directly be returned to you and then some.

11:11 is often said to be a doorway between realms, and really there is some truth to this.

I mean, the reality is that the spiritual realms are always all around us… But when you see 11:11 it often signifies that your Guides and Angels are trying to contact you, as it is a sort of calling card for many spiritual beings.

When you see 11:11 it’s a sign and a call to directly connect with the light and love of the Divine and angels that you are One with.

Take a deep breath, quiet your mind, and enter inside to tune into the messages your guides and angels have for you when they whisper in your ear to look up at the clock… right at 11:11.

Please keep your thoughts positive and abundant today.... because it is a very powerful day!

(the alternative is just as powerful today so stay in love, peace, joy, and gratitude folks!)

11-11 is almost always a sign to be more aware! Plus, with awareness and presence, you can then tune into the deeper meaning of seeing 11:11 for you in the moment.

So, when you see 1111, pay attention to what you were just thinking about, as well as what is happening around you.

11:11 can sometimes be a call from the angels to pay attention to your thoughts and a reminder that your thoughts are manifesting… So keep them positive!

I started seeing 11:11 on clocks, receipts, bank clocks, EVERYWHERE about 7 years ago. Here is what I've learned since then.

11:11 is a wake-up call for light-workers.


Light-workers are people who signed up for a "green beret" type of mission when they were on the spirit plane ( before being incarnated on Earth).

What the mission is, in short, is to hold as much Light as possible, as strongly as possible, on this planet. This twenty year period (starting on January 11, 1991) will see matter holding more light than it has ever held before.

The vibration on this planet has dropped to a very, very low frequency. That is why it is so difficult to remember our origin, remember that we are all connected, remember who we really are.

This is often referred to as the Fall. This mission is very important and very difficult. As I see people around me go through so much, I hope and pray that they will see the truth and the light!

This stuff is very important for me to share with others because it immediately reminds me why I'm here and recenters me.

The More you pay attention to Angel signs and numbers.. the more they will appear!

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